you'll see why i never wanted out of my hometown

Join our mailing list to receive our updates & tips. You may be in your 20s or 30s now, but before you know it, you’re going to be 50. We are not extremely close to our parents and decided not to have kids early on in our relationship, so I really don’t have any worthwhile advice on this to give. As for your question, since I’m not a parent, I don’t really have the life experience to give the kind of advice you are looking for. It has been wonderful to realize I’m not the only one with these deep feelings of needing to find my own adventure. So sad that families can’t be more supportive of dreams due to their own fears or issues.

So I got to work. Stop treating it like some sentence. Let me begin with an entertaining (and slightly embarrassing) personal story. But for an eight-year-old, these ideas are a bit too deep to grasp. Usually, this connection to a town is manifested through watching sports. Neediness just attracts more neediness. I’ve considered moving back multiple times as well (especially with a brand-new niece & that same nephew entering difficult pre-teen years), but a few long visits have made me realize that – other than my loved ones – my hometown has nothing to offer me and I feel like a trapped animal there.

I am being called “selfish” by family for wanting to move my small children away from cousins and grandparents. Neediness just attracts more neediness. The easiest way to do this is with my super badass Manifesting Cheat Sheet. When you want something you are not in the vibrational place of allowing it to come. I think God has a whole lot of joy he wants to send my way and I want to be available to soak up every second of it – instead of hiding out, feeling guilty for wanting to devour it.

I want to thank you for this read. Hi Brook, Thanks for sharing your journey to making you happy.

Godspeed to you both….

A little crazy my name is also Brooke and my husband and I are also moving to Colorado from a small town and moving away from my nephew has been a big concern. When my nephew was born I swore to myself that I would be a big part of his life.

If you get to the basic emotional reason of why you want something it helps, a lot.
I feel that I’ve had 33 too many snowy winters! I hope you are able to do what is right for you and your new little family. You want the freedom to explore and dive deep into what interests you and maybe even master a few things. Thanks for writing this. Since that day, I’ve been to 21 different countries, and I’m not even close to being done. But you can 100% love them while also loving this new life. She's a regular contributor to Bustle, Glamour, Mic, and Livingly. I appreciate every single one of you, and I promise you all i will never pick up a cigarette again! Definitely understand balancing missing them and doing your own thing. So, please please embrace it. They want to return to WA when they begin having kids. When I came back from Budapest, I took it upon myself to be that annoying person who pronounced it as the people who live there do: Buda-pesht. Tagged: Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Law of Attraction Tips, Law of Attraction Not Working, Why doesn't the law of attraction work for me? I love the hot weather and beaches.

I think things have a way of working themselves out. We enabled them for too long. And it is an amazing feeling that I still cherish, even after four years of living here. I need to go out on my own and start a new life without being controlled. I kid you not, two seconds later he tried to sit down only to find something pokey in his pocket. We have been long distance our whole relationship and I love where he lives and my family is the only thing keeping me in my hometown. Sometimes the scariest things have the best pay off, in my experience. You want to grow, progress, live an interesting and meaningful life. The good news is, you could always go back, but I think it gets harder to leave the longer you stay. We’ve made some pretty drastic moves in our life (currently nomads traveling full-time). I love your line “never underestimate the dangers of boredom”.

You have to balance the risks and decide on your own. Staying in that town I grew up in was suffocating my dreams and sense of adventure. So, maybe one day, your kids will be motivated by your bravery to go for it!

I totally get that and remember doing similar searches before I took the leap into full-time travel. You needn’t reject or be angry with any of them. Wow this was really assuring to read! Thank you for this article and sharing your personal feelings. Best of luck! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has ever done this! Feel relaxed as much of the time as possible until you have practiced it so much that it becomes your dominate vibration and state of being.

You should always do things that scare you a bit. And when we see each other we have THE BEST time! The very definition of bravery is stepping out of your comfort zone and just making a go of it. Would it be selfish of me to want to move to kentucky and to try and start a new a better life there? etc. Would I cry over missing my nephew’s birthday if I didn’t love him with all my heart? Your email address will not be published. Not sure what your work situation is, but if you are retired or work online, I’d highly recommend housesitting as a way to test out life in new places. It’s true! That’s what we reminded ourselves each time. For example, my boyfriend (same boyfriend from How to Stop Manifesting Unwanted Things) and I were at Disneyland waiting in the long ass line to get on Space Mountain. We’ve learned that the little ones love postcards and little treats in the mail. Go out into the world and discover who you are. After all, I had to be ready to win. Love this!!! I come from a tight-knit, traditional family who doesn’t necessarily understand why I attend school so far from home.

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