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Therefore, Lex decided to used his own. However, a structure with electrical wiring began to fall, so Donna used her powers to grab it before it hit the ground. Eventually, the conversation took a different turn when Conner addressed the way Lionel used to hit Lex. The resulting clone was called Subject 13 and was grown in a containment pod in Cadmus Laboratories.[2]. Later, in Geoff Johns' Teen Titans series, Conner began to develop superpowers common to Kryptonians.

He quickly found her, however, and Kory knocked her out. It remains to be seen if this Superboy is armed with his trademark tactile telekinesis, but this may be revealed in future episodes of Titans. Mercy told Conner she was a friend of Eve's, getting Conner to pause. Krypto was soon put in a Kryptonite net, and Gar was shot with tranquilizers. Superboy is first seen saving a couple from thugs, using super speed to push them away. Following this, Conner was put back in the bed where he apologized to Eve for using his abilities and was told he had nothing to apologize for. The res… Conner opened the door to the van, but did not find Mercy inside. He has displayed enough self-reliance to prevent robberies, assaults, and defend those who he believes are mistreated.

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making up The Arrowverse as well as his And when Superboy asks questions—he demands answers. Conner His appearance, however, is based on the more clean-cut and casual costume he adopted after joining the Teen Titans in the comics. Thankfully, nature won out over nurture and this new Superboy proved himself to be a noble spirit, if somewhat brash and egotistical. Despite his efforts, Superboy is killed when a Paradoom grabs him from behind and snaps his neck. When Conner found a newspaper detailing his attack on the police, he realized that he was a wanted person. Told that all he needed was money for the shirt Conner and Krypto had no choice but to leave. Conner yelled at Krypto, and he eventually left. Since Superboy became part of the Superman family, with Martha and Jonathan Kent adopting him, it is likely to happen Superboy could be a member of the Teen Titans, since he is still young.

As more cars arrived, Conner fought each of them off as people recorded the fight on their phones. Mercy quickly intervened and told Conner to eliminate the Titans. Conner's force-field was able to repel most physical attacks, but was less effective against energy effects such as lasers or fire. In the weeks following Superman's funeral, a mysterious new hero claiming to be a new and improved Superman began popping up around Metropolis. At Superman's urging, Conner joined a new group of Teen Titans, whom he hoped might get Conner out of the funk he had found himself in. to write for over a dozen websites, including 411 for Librarians at the University of North Texas. Conner grew frustrated and shouted, setting off car alarms within proximity. While Conner's telekinesis was powerful, it did have limits, particularly when it came to protecting him. There, he told Dick to stand back, as he jumped high into the air. Naked, he searched the tower and found Gar Logan, who was thrilled Conner had woken up. When Lex visited the site he was told by one of the scientists that the clone was nearing completion. Then, at Mercy's request, Conner threw the bullet through Walter Hawn's forehead. Conner was amazed, but then asked what a tiger was. However, there was an issue with stabilizing his alien DNA. Titans member Therefore, Lex decided to used his own. Related: Titans: Superboy Episode Confirms Major Superman Characters Are Coming. Terrified, the woman quickly gave him her purse out of the fear that she would be hurt. The yell had come from a man who was being arrested by the police. Related: Titans: Superboy Justifies Pa Kent's Man of Steel Advice.
However, due to the human DNA supplied by Lex Luthor, the full scope of Superboy's powers are not yet known. Referencing his memories, Lionel told Conner that it sounded like the Kent residence. Witnessing a thief holding a woman at gunpoint, Conner intervened and crushed the gun with his bare hand and saved the woman. Superboy is a very flirty character as is shown when he has a sexual attraction to Lois Lane, despite her age also showing he doesn’t understand statutory rape laws; though its more than likely because of his nature as a clone that he ignores said laws. Conner asked Gar where the rest of the Titans were, to which Gar replied that they were taking a break. The Superboy who would become Conner Kent was first introduced during the Reign of the Supermen event following Superman's death in 1993. Conner eventually agreed to go back to Cadmus. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He also appears to be genuinely heroic and brave, but also seeks approval from others. Hybrid Physiology: As a partial genetic clone of Superman, Superboy likely possesses the same physical abilities of a Kryptonian who has absorbed the solar energy of a yellow sun. These included heat vision, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, freezing breath, super-hearing and true super-strength and invulnerability. which hosts his extensive episode guide for the television series He also maintains a personal blog – Unaware of what occurred beforehand, Conner awoke in Kory's arms after she went supernova to heal him and was very happy to see both Eve and Krypto in his presence. Eve Watson told him that he would have to use human DNA to do this. Portrayed by Nexus and The Cult of Nobody. Then a portal opens on top of the Justice Leagues new watchtower and Parademons come out of it. Occupation(s)

Conner inquired what Gar's power was, and Gar told him that he could turn into a tiger. Kon-El would not become Conner Kent until several years later, after Young Justice broke up and he was taken in by Clark Kent's adoptive parents, posing as a distant cousin on Pa Kent's side of the family. A few days after the Justice League's complete defeat at the hands of the Paradooms, genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday sent by the Demon New God and Mad Titan itself, Earth is raided by the Paradooms and the Teen Titans were all violently killed.

He replied with “old enough“ and then flew away. Production on the third season of Titans, the DC Universe series that is headed to HBO Max, has begun and thanks to some behind-the-scenes photos from day one of … Since then he has gone on Superman allowed Kon-El his privacy and did not push to turn the young hero into his sidekick or ward, as Kon-El found his own way and built a place for himself among other young heroes, forming the team Young Justice. My Geeky Geeky Ways – Unfortunately for them, their 13th test subject was able to escape before being fully conditioned, resulting in a teenage boy with most of Superman's powers but none of his restraint. Related: Titans Does Another Death Fake-Out: Why [SPOILER] Is Still Alive. Conner fired the gun at Mercy but quickly ran in front of her to catch it. Who is this mysterious new Superboy? When the bullets bounced off of him, they quickly ran away. comedic Let’s Play videos. This Superboy would later take the name Conner Kent and be officially welcomed into Superman's family. Dick punched through a wall in Conner's mind, revealing light. [5], Conner and Krypto kept to the streets, with Conner wearing a long jacket to disguise his identity. Conner said that he was glad to have helped but was suddenly shot by Kryptonite bullets just as Dick Grayson and Kory Anders arrived at the scene. Later, he is seen fighting the Eradicator and has the upper hand until he grabs Superboy by the neck and beats him. However, there was an issue with stabilizing his alien DNA. Currently, Conner can be seen in his classic costume in the new Young Justice comic series written by Brian Michael Bendis.

As she responded in the same language, Conner released her and fell back into unconsciousness, whispering Eve's name which Dawn Granger noticed. Reading the name "Conner" on the uniform tag, Subject 13 decided to claim the name and uniform as his own.

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