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Neutrally Evil (formerly)GoodTeam CreepslayerzGuardians of Arcadia Home Steve has dark blonde hair, brown eyes and wears a teal shirt with a yellow symbol on it. At some point, his mother began dating his school's gym teacher, Coach Lawrence, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable and essentially shattered their relationship.

Steve Palchuk

Losing, being vulnerable, evil creatures, his father, Not being special (as in there being more than one of himself).

Steve Palchuk is a character from DreamWorks/Netflix animated series, Trollhunters and 3 Below.

my many accomplisgments: 1) playing romeo in shakespears romeo and juliet kind of.

Keith Screaming .

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According to Coach Lawrence, Steve uses "extra strength pimple pads" (which may imply that Steve has acne problems) and has an affinity for pudding, which he leaves around his household and does not clean up after himself. SteveDillweed (Toby)Lumbering Oaf [with golden hair], Snackbutt, Blond and Primitive Oaf, Warrior Oaf (Aja)The Blonde Oaf (Krel)Young Oaf (Vex)Village Idiot (Douxie)Sir Steve of Palchukia (while in Camelot)
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Text. He also seems to have a liking for tough girls, as when Aja angrily kicked him after he threatened her brother, he instantly fell in love with her.

Student at Arcadia Oaks High School View full history.

He was also persistently vindictive, as he wanted to get back at Jim for knocking out his tooth and making him look like a fool (which initially backfired on him due to his large ego).

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While visiting Camelot, his armor is a classic gray suit of knight's armor, consisting of a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), gauntlets (the hand areas), cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with brown trimmings.

He's a character gallery! Defenders of Arcadia (mentioned) Zeron Omega †

Romances Audio. He appears as a major character of Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards. Steven "Steve" Palchuk is a major character in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.. Enemies Trollhunters3BelowWizards


Steve shares the same first name as his voice actor, Steven Yeun.


In his Creepslayerz uniform, he wears a black helmet with "Z" symbols on the sides, black liners under his eyes, a black T-shirt, black sweats, and black shoes.

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Taken from season 2 of Trollhunters, and is basically the canon scream of Keith.

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Steve is also not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box since he doesn't really do his schoolwork and somewhat believes everything he is told.

Steven "Steve" Palchuk is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.

At first, Steve started out as a stereotypical jock bully who takes great pleasure in tormenting other kids who he deems weaker than him.

Soy Steve Palchuk, muy conocido por ser el vigilante y protector de Arcadia donde existen unos monstruos llamados engendros. He also prefers to solve a… rulez?

1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

just a sensitive, heavily-muscled guy trying to protect his town from creepers. The Blonde Oaf (by Krel)Young Oaf (by Varvatos Vex), Villains: Angor Rot • Bular • Dictatious Galadrigal • Gunmar • Kubritz • Angor Rot • Bular • Dictatious Galadrigal • Gunmar • Kubritz • Morgana • Otto Scaarbach • Usurna • Val Morando • Zeron Alpha • Zeron Omega, Recurring characters: Barbara Lake • Draal • Walter Strickler • Mary Wang • Darci Scott • Coach Lawrence • Coranda Tarron • Fialkov Tarron • Gnome Chompsky • Javier Nuñez • Kanjigar the Courageous • Karl Uhl • Lenora Janeth • Loth Saborian • Merlin • Nancy Domzalski • Nomura • NotEnrique • Ophilia Nuñez • Unkar the Unfortunate • Vendel • Zadra • Louis Scott, Villains: The Janus Order • Zeron Brotherhood • Arcane Order • Taylon Phalanx, Mean (formerly), vengeful (formerly), cruel (formerly), loyal, narcissistic, defensive, dim, fearful, confident, tough, kind, stubborn, understanding, Teenager about 16-17years old with blonde hair, brown eyes, Winning, admiration, praise, always being right, stuffing Eli in a locker (formerly), helping Eli with the supernatural, Aja, Losing, being vulnerable, his father, evil aliens, being abducted. The Adventure Begins The Book of Ga-Huel Age of the Amulet The Way of the Wizard Angor Reborn Arcadia-Con

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He also prefers to solve all of his problems by using brute force. Appears In

Eye color Background information Alignment He has dark blonde hair and brown eyes. After the events of "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?

Relatives Eli Pepperjack (best friend), Aja Tarron, Krel Tarron, Varvatos Vex, Jim Lake Jr., Claire Nuñez, Toby Domzalski, Darci Scott, Shannon Longhannon, Mary Wang, Seamus Johnson, Logan, AAARRRGGHH!!

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