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Release Dates He is also very good at following rules and can be somewhat of an airhead at times. Dug is a playful and friendly dog who is always kind. His stern father won't let him keep the dog because it belongs to Judd Travers, a local hunter. Use the HTML below. He also appears in Dug's Special Mission as the protagonist, and in George & A.J. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Filming & Production

Daniel Bubbeo . Looking for some great streaming picks? Alpha, Beta and Gamma can be seen in the beginning chasing after Kevin only to have Dug let her get away. A fun-loving American bulldog pup, a hilarious Himalayan cat, and a wise old golden retriever embark on a long trek through the rugged wilderness of the Sierra Nevada mountains in a quest to reach home and their beloved owners. Oh boy! He winds up switching sides, assisting Carl, Russell and Kevin.

On the road, he meets young Marty Preston and follows him home.

Disney serves up adventure with everyone's favorite golden retriever! Summer has a big heart and maturity beyond her years. It is very dark in the hole.". UTA Signs ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Screenwriter Linda Woolverton, Disney+ in May: Here’s Everything New, Including ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Finale, Everything Coming To Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ And Amazon Prime In May, Everything Coming to Disney Plus in May 2020, Top 20 Most Awesome Streaming Family Movies. shadow dog movie ( ) | shadow dog movie how to shadow dog movie for Housebreaking is an important part of training for any dog breed. "Squirrel!" On the road, he meets young Marty Preston and follows him home. And I made a wish. (uncredited), FDNY / Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, My List of Terrorist Movies and TV Series, Harper's Driver / Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. During the end credits of the film, it is revealed that Dug had mated with another golden retriever (with similarities to himself), and they had many puppies (probably much to Carl's grief); at least twenty of them were caught on photo. EMT

His secret is soon discovered when a stray attacks the dog one night and he must turn to his father for help. Let them discover gravity by watching an apple fall, not by smacking them on the head with an anvil. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. A young American boy visiting in China helps his zoologist father rescue a panda cub from unscrupulous poachers while his panda reserve is threatened with closure from officious bureaucrats. "I was hiding under your porch, because I love you. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. His secret is soon discovered when a stray attacks the dog one night and he must turn to his father for help.

Coming Soon. From Coraline to ParaNorman check out some of our favorite family-friendly movie picks to watch this Halloween. And at what price? They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. UpDug's Special MissionGeorge & A.J. A father and daughter decide to attempt to lead a flock of orphaned Canada Geese south by air. They then procceed to continue in the search for Kevin while trying to keep Dug distracted by doing various tasks, such as watching a rock and sitting still in a certain spot, but all their plots end up backfiring on Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

You're almost there! (uncredited), Wall Street Businesswoman Marty Preston, a small-town Southern boy, must rescue a young beagle from abusive owner and recluse Judd Travers. ; Dug has the same yelp as Scud.

Beethoven, the St. Bernard dog, becomes a father, but his girlfriend Missy is dognapped, and his puppies are in danger of the same fate. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey He is every ounce a puppy in behavior and quickly becomes attached to Carl, who is at first hesitant to accept Dug. (uncredited), Wall Street Employee She has a heart of gold and gets along with almost everyone she meets. Everything about this film is clichéd. Your Favorite Live Action Animal-Related Movie, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. An abused beagle runs away from his owner Judd Travers. The group of pets travel across forested mountains and areas of wide-open countryside, while their family searches for them in the same areas.

All rights reserved. (uncredited), Justin Morron FBI Agent | "Woof Woof! When Shiloh's abusive previous owner, Judd Travers, tries to retake Shiloh again, Ray tries to find a way to end the rivalry and open up the hidden kindness within the town drunk. (uncredited), Nighttime Park Cyclist (voice) (uncredited), Driver / A scene in which Kate takes the animals for a ride in the truck. Marty Preston, a small-town Southern boy, must rescue a young beagle from abusive owner and recluse Judd Travers. He is a fun-loving dog who speaks English via a special collar that translates his thoughts into speech, invented by his former master, Charles Muntz. Poor toilet manners and defecation in … Marty Preston, a small-town Southern boy, must rescue a young beagle from abusive owner and recluse Judd Travers. Kids are smarter than some give them credit for. Appeared in: Several days later, while traveling along the coast of British Columbia with Angus' father, John, the boy and dog become stranded when... See full summary ». Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is a 1993 American adventure comedy film and a remake of the 1963 film The Incredible Journey, which was based on the 1961 novel of the same name by Sheila Burnford.Directed by Duwayne Dunham, it was released on February 3, 1993.It grossed $41,833,324 in the United States and was followed in 1996 by Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.

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