pinocchio kdrama review

In the epilogue, there was a character who looked EXACTLY like Jae-Myeong from his earlier days. KDrama Review: Pinocchio The Gist: When a false media frenzy leaves Gi Ha Myeong (Lee Jong Suk) without a family, he is adopted into the family of a grandfather who thinks he is his dead son, Dal Po. ( Log Out /  21-year-old Indian who reads a ton of books, binges Kdramas, and talks a lot on the blog. Pinocchio tells the story a man whose life was devastated by corrupt reporters who seeks to reveal their true motives by becoming one himself and a girl who suffers from Pinocchio Syndrome which results in her being unable to lie without hiccupping. Ki Ha-myeong is the most important character and Lee Jong-suk played him so damn well, I was blown off. Seeing In Ha so devastated, Dal Po decides to become a reporter himself to prove reporter Song wrong and to reveal the truth behind his dad’s case. But her dream is ruthlessly crushed by her mom who claims a Pinocchio who can’t lie could never be a reporter. I just love it!! She is shocked to see her mom’s cruelty towards the Ki family.

The media, led by a sensationalist reporter, Song Cha Ok (Jin Kyung), heartlessly blamed Ha Myung’s dad for leading his men to die and evading responsibilities.

In fact, she’s been texting her mom for YEARS without getting a reply but she continues as she believes her mom reads her messages. Overall, while this drama has many sweet moments between Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha that could make us squeal, we cannot forget the thick plot that revolves around the news industry behind it either. With over 90 reviews on this 3 year old drama, I'm sure that mine will be lost at the bottom, but I want to take the time anyway to do this.

Ki Ha-myeong is the most important character and Lee Jong-suk played him so damn well, I was blown off. But I actually watched this before that and I […], This is my favourite Kdrama loved your review, Amazing games like roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat at VN88. She couldn’t get rid of the hiccups from denying her feelings until she mustered up courage to confess to Dal Po. Choi In-ha on the other hand, was mostly just clueless. I tried my hardest, and I tried everything, but it's still the same. Lee Jong-suk Therefore Choi Dal-po becomes Choi In-ha’s cousin and he hates her because of her mother. It’s only later that we see more to him but overall I didn’t like his character much. Copyright © 2020 by Kdrama Kisses

I did have a problem with In-ha though. He is the son of Ki Ho-sang, a captain of the firefighter squad who dies in a factory explosion. Learn how your comment data is processed. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Because they grow up together, they treat each other like family. Pinocchio (Korean: 피노키오; RR: Pinokio) is a 2014–2015 South Korean television series starring Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Young-kwang and Lee Yu-bi. He is a young man born in a rich family, and he lives an unexciting but satisfied life until he starts receiving texts from a girl named In-ha, which were actually meant for her mother. Pleeease! I smiled pretty much every time she was on screen. Have you watched any other Korean dramas which are similar to this one? This drama is based on how much impact reported news makes since people believe that all the news reported is true even if it’s not, and it shows how things can go wrong because of it.
My thoughts and opinions on all things bookish, “...all the fierce passions of the world bound in leather and vellum.” — M. L. Rio, If We Were Villains, Reviewing Books, Ranting about Writing, and Reaching for the Stars, This drama is based on how much impact reported news makes. We then move into the present time for the rest of the drama. The storyline is very good. I got immediately confused when they brought it up in the later episodes because HOW? And how I love this couple!

Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. Sign up to receive updates of kdrama reviews, trailers, casting news, and more! Arrived extremely early, and works perfectly, but on episode 15 there were one or two parts with no subtitles. I liked the acting. They both are reported to be dead but the son, Ki Ha-myeong, is survives  after being saved from the sea by an old man. Yeah that’s what he had taken the other firefighters in but later they said it was a factory explosion with over 40 people dead so I got confused. GOOD!

That’s why Ki Ha-myeong’s father, the captain, got blamed for it all. Ha-myeong’s life was destroyed, his mother killed herself and his family’s name was ruined because of a reporter who jumped to conclusions. What I liked most about her was that she thought about others first and if she’s determined, she tries very hard and doesn’t give up easily. Loved Pinocchio!

As the body of his father is missing, the media starts to sensationalize the case by scapegoating Ki Ho-sang. Not able to cope with the finger-pointing, Ha Myung’s mom brings him along to commit suicide. In this important arc of the drama, the storyline grows on three exciting fronts: experiencing what it means to be a reporter, learning how to love, and sowing the seed of revenge. Pinocchio checks all of the boxes for a top drama for me. The double identity of Ha-myeong/Dal-po made the story SO DARN INTERESTING. The real question Pinocchio aims to answer is one asked by the main hero Ki Ha Myung: “if it’s a lie that can fool the entire world, can it be turned into the truth?” Through the eyes of our rookie reporters, we are taken along a thrilling journey in separating fact from fiction. Love the songs so much. The two brothers meet because of another reason and it KILLED me to watch them be strangers. Okay so CAN WE TALK ABOUT EPISODES 10 AND 11??? Surely, they became flabbergasted as Choi Gong-pil orders them to call a mere boy as their “older brother” and “uncle.”. The old man, still scarred from his elder son drowning in the sea, believes that Ha-myeong is his son returned. They work well together!! Pinocchio (SBS 2014–2015), as the title suggests, is a loose interpretation of the classic fairy tale, but grounded in reality. One way or another, Choi Dal-po makes her confident about achieving her dream to become a reporter despite her syndrome that limits her career choice. ( Log Out /  CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. It’s been playing on repeat for the last couple days and I find myself humming it throughout the day. ↬Review.

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