omnipotent in a sentence

His Nous was not a spiritual force; it was no omnipotent deity; it is not a pantheistic world-soul. This is a world based on the fear of the seemingly omnipotent male, Herod.

To think we were only a few miles from one another, but Otto was stupid while I am omnipotent! Omnipotent; 1. The cult leader led his followers to believe he was omnipotent. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. On the 24th of February 1389, Albert, who had returned from Mecklenburg with an army of mercenaries, was routed and taken prisoner at Aasle near Falk ping, and Margaret was now the omnipotent mistress of three kingdoms. On his arrival at Madrid he found the princesse des Ursins all but omnipotent with the king, and for a time he judged it expedient to use her influence in carrying out his plans. And then, once you've created this omniscient. How to use omnipotence in a sentence.

Our God is omnipotent and bounteous. That would put a dent in his omnipotence. 2. 2. Examples of omnipotent in a sentence: 1. Lao tz imagined the universe to be informed by an omnipresent, So does television, omnipresent and, at times, seemingly.

3. 3. I am not an all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipotent being. , In our small town, the man who owns the only plant is seen as an omnipotent force in the community. Omnipotent; Meaning: [adjective] all-powerful ; Of course, mortals are neither omniscient nor omnipotent.. 10 tsar but for the incalculable behaviour of the omnipotent grand vizier, who let the Russian army go at the very instant when it lay helpless in the hollow of his hand. These infinitesimal distinctions between man and man are too paltry for an Omnipotent Being. How to use omnipotent in a sentence. Confounding literal-minded androids and foiling omnipotent aliens is all in a day's work for the resourceful Captain.

Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 4. How does such a system of brain-washing come into being without a cruel, Is the church merely updating its musical liturgy, or has it fallen victim to the nearly, It is the decision to forswear love in order to gain, They work, they may even work admirably well, but there is no sense that these contrivances are the result of an, He professes to know end-times revelation and seems omnipresent and, That seems like odd behavior for an omniscient and, It was noticeable that when Phillips, still the pupil, came to that fence, it was surer, the stride more purposeful, the energy of youth, And that reaffirms for me the idea that beyond us all there is this great, Yet no one, not even the world's sole superpower, is, To say that there is, is to deny the idea that the Almighty is, No one would start from the premise that the natural world reflects the will of an, With the emphatic repetition of this line at the end of the book, the image of the, How, again, can we explain the idea, held by so many religious people, that an, Even if he is, though, the pope may be infallible, but he is not, Yet her sexual masochism is oddly mixed with non-erotic desires for an, We would submit the first has problems once one is setting up something which is intended not only to be, Given that Bruce has been more than a little critical with the big guy's job performance, he's given, A grown-up society would stop treating politicians as, Similarly the Greek and Roman gods were more like mythical heroes and heroines than like the, So I remember just being giddy with excitement in those early years about the awards and feeling sort of, The victors may seem particularly potent as the disparities in power are intensified, but this does not render them, More recently, he has masterminded the rise and rise of the Leicester club he played for with distinction and he cites several reasons for their current, Goddidit is not a scientific theory, if God is assumed to be, The argument leads to the conclusion that an omnipotent being could rationally be able to do one xor the other and still be, Scientific intelligence in this regard is a great instrument, though it is not an, Such perhaps was the aim of Nature, who does nothing without aim, in furnishing her favorite, Man, with this his so, Little by little the whole subject population of the world was fitted with the instruments of volitional control.

4. The omnipotence of love is its impotence. The execution of its orders in the departments was carried out by omnipotent representatives on mission in the armies, by popular societiesveritable missionaries of the Revolutionand by the revolutionary committees which were its backbone.

The sterner strain in the mother's nature may be traced to intermarriage with the families of the wild interior of Corsica, where the vendetta was the unwritten but omnipotent law of the land.

Picard's nemesis is Q, the omnipotent entity we meet in the series premier. omnipotent example sentences. A few days in the underworld can hardly have been a big deal for an eternal, omnipotent deity, can it?

busybody be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. Stockholm then almost entirely a German city, still held out; fear of Margaret induced both the Mecklenburg princes and the Wendish towns to hasten to its assistance; and the Baltic and the North Sea speedily swarmed with the privateers of the Viktualien brodre or Vitalianer, so called because their professed object was to revictual Stockholm. 23 sentence examples: 1. God, since He is the omnipotent creator, has absolute control over those whom He has created. She is seen as an almost equal by the omnipotent being Q, who suggested that there is far more to her than can be imagined. And then there's you, their omniscient, omnipotent deity. And are the most omnipotent provider on environment technology and service. , The cult leader led his followers to believe he was omnipotent. The royalist plot of the Rue Saint-Nicaise (December 24, 1800) allowed him to make a clean sweep of the democratic republicans, who despite their innocence were depsrted to Guiana, and to annul Assemblies that were a mere show by making the senate omnipotent in constitutional matters; but it was necessary for him to transform this deceptive truce into the general pacification so ardently desired for the last eight years. It is recognized that the moral individual must have some kind of initiative, and yet since God is omnipotent and omniscient man must be conceived as in some sense foreordained to a certain moral, mental and physical development. The government was now practically, Theoretically, it seems possible that the narcissistic patient did not enter or complete the rapprochement crisis and that the, Beyond all this, I command myriads of spirits, invisible, and reputedly, No myths or exploits are related of him but he is the. But there are certainly " designers, " tho these are neither omnipotent nor omniscient in the absolute sense of the term. 2.

Use Omnipotent in a sentence. , When I was a small child, I believed my father was omnipotent and capable of doing anything. He must show why being necessarily existent implies that his God must be necessarily omnipotent. The idea of an omnipotent fate overruling all affairs of men is present in various forms in practically all religious systems. He is the Omniscient, the Omnipotent. Apart from the parliamentary crisis, really hingeing on the difficulty of discovering a means by which the real will of the people should be carried out without actually making the House of Commons autocratically omnipotent, but also without allowing the House of Lords to obstruct a Liberal government merely as the organ of the Tory party, the new king succeeded to a noble heritage. , The arrogant doctor believed he was omnipotent and refused to listen to his peers. Such is what the traditional doctrines of divine omnipotence, preservation and providence are really saying. Well, in the Next Generation universe, Anderson would clearly be a member of the Q Continuum, being omnipotent and all. Thus Christianity, as religion, is on the one hand the adoration of God, that is, of the highest and noblest, and this highest and noblest as conceived not under forms of power or knowledge but in the form of ethical self-devotion as embodied in Jesus Christ, and on the other hand it meets the requirements of all religion in its dependence, not indeed upon some absolute idea or omnipotent power, but in the belief that that which appeals to the soul as worthy of supreme worship is also that in which the soul may trust, and which shall deliver it from sin and fear and death. , If the superhero can fight off twenty men at one time, then he must be omnipotent. 46+1 sentence examples: 1. My teenager daughter likes to believe she is omnipotent in our household.

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