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The edit adds in cut scenes such as an animated intro, their neighbor being revealed to be a transvestite, Cheech cleaning the house for his date, Chong and Red trashing the music store, footage on the spaceship and all drug-related scenes either cut or altered. M. Night Shyamalan has rounded out the cast for his next movie. Though Shyamalan opened up about having ideas for three movies, there's been no indication from Universal when that film will arrive either. Callie Ferris. The phone rings again with Cheech thinking it's Donna and turns out to be Red, Cheech's "kinda" cousin, with money problems and a plea for help. Shyamalan independently financed “Glass,” “Split” and “The Visit” with a combined production budget of $35 million. "[3] Vincent Canby of The New York Times wrote that the film was "casual, slapdash and rude, and it's frequently hilarious in the way of some intense but harmless confrontation between eccentrics on a street corner. Later that night, they are chased by the cops as they check out Red's weed fields out in the countryside. Apply to nearly 10,000 casting calls and auditions on Backstage. Julianne Moore. Related searches. Cheech and Chong's Next Movie is a 1980 American comedy film directed by Tommy Chong and the second feature-length project by Cheech & Chong, following Up in Smoke, released by Universal Pictures. Plot. Two versions of the film exist: the theatrical release and a heavily edited version only aired on television broadcasts. Shyamalan previously opened up about his new normal for making his films that he came to appreciate while developing his "comeback" vehicle The Visit in 2015. According to some fans, this implied Morris would take over as lead in the next movie. Nicolas Cage. [1], Cheech & Chong are on a mission to siphon gasoline for their next door neighbor's car, which they apparently "borrowed," and continue with their day; Cheech goes to work at a movie studio and Chong searches for something to smoke (a roach), followed by him revving up an indoor motorcycle and playing extremely loud rock music with an electric guitar that disturbs the entire neighborhood. He wakes up in the morning to find Chong (who was abducted by Aliens alongside Red) bursting in, dressed in what appears to be a cross between Genghis Khan and a Viking, holding a jar of "space coke", which Chong says, "It'll blow your head off." Cheech asks Chong to pick up his cousin and hang out with him as Cheech informs him they have similar interests like "go to clubs," "get plenty of chicks," and "likes to get high." Join and get cast in a movie today! M. Night Shyamalan has rounded out the cast for his next movie. Jessica Biel. [6], Three days after the release of Cheech and Chong's Next Movie, storyboards were drawn up for a sequel called Riding High with Cheech & Chong, but the film was never produced.[7]. The show’s second season recently wrapped production. Security Chief Roybal. M. Night Shyamalan's Next Movie Cast Revealed . Chong heads off to the hotel where Red is staying and arrives to find him in a dispute with the receptionist over how much the room is costing ("$37.50 a week, not a goddamned day!"). Liz Cooper. After visiting the house of a girl's parents, whom they found at a music store on Ventura Boulevard, they all get into the parents' Rolls Royce, light up a spliff, and drive to a stand-up comedy club where they tell jokes and encounter the angry hotel receptionist who was falsely arrested earlier that day and begin a commotion with him and a large female bouncer leading to a rally fight. They then play a recording from Red's boombox that Red recorded earlier when the police arrived at the hotel he was staying at over the dispute with his luggage, which scares everyone off. Representatives for Universal and Shyamalan had no comment. Peter Falk. The director had previously made an agreement with Universal Pictures to distribute his next two movies, both dated for February 2021 and February 2023 at the time, but the first has already been delayed due to ongoing complications with the spread of the coronavirus. "[4] Variety called the film "a laborious disappointment in which the freshness has vanished and the laughs come few and far between."[5]. Suicide Squad: Could Jared Leto's Joker Return Mean the Ayer Cut Is on the Way? Copyright 2018 They set off fireworks and are suddenly abducted by a UFO along with several of the cannabis plants. The film currently remains without release date as Universal continues to figure out its calendar as the coronavirus pandemic caused movie theaters to close. A novelization, also written by Cheech and Chong, features many photos of these omitted elements. The "space coke" causes Cheech to go berserk and starts trashing their next door neighbor's house with a surprised Chong following after. Current releases changed this audio to him humming a different song. Blessed, or cursed, with the ability to see events minutes before they occur, Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) earns a living as a magician in Las Vegas and keeps a low profile under an alias.

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