mtfu pills

Hopefully Glenn and my Mum and my friends are proud of me.

Passing Janet and Rich Holmes walking home I felt like I was literally stuck to the ground but the ‘keep going’ from Janet gave me a little boost and helped me keep my chin up. If I am honest it was quite disappointing. I was soaked through and I was only about 45 minutes into a very very long run. I must have taken an extra special dose of MTFU pills!

I am planning on using this event as a training run. One more week of hard training and then it is taper time. Hopefully I am proving all the people who doubted me wrong. Quit blaming others and start taking responsibility for yourself.

I posted the picture to Facebook and was overwhelmed that over 140 people ‘liked’ my picture!

That is nuts, I didn’t think that that many people actually paid any attention to my posts on social media! I really am so grateful and appreciative of your love, help and support.


...insulation stops heat transfer both ways, so on a hot day, should help keep the house cooler. Vertical batons?

I decided to drop to a 9/1 run/walk protocol as I was struggling to keep going after stopping even so briefly at the end of the half. I got through the finish, collected my medal and tshirt and found Glenn.

I then filled my goodie bag and then we had a mooch around the different stalls. I walked to the Castle and restarted my Garmin at the traffic lights by Burger King. Allthough when filling it may be interesting around plug socket etc. That is crazy I know. MTFU and get it done….. Posted on April 2, 2016 April 2, 2016 by hanna. I had miscalculated my distance slightly and was going to reach 18 miles sooner than I thought so with Glenn’s help we adjusted the route home to the quickest/shortest one!

I ran up the the parkrun turn and then decided to loop around between the parkrun 2km/3km loop as I thought a loop there on the flat would be favourable to a loop later on when I was closer to home.

I laid on the floor with my legs up on the sofa as I was feeling a little dizzy. Wednesday was my Olympic lifting session with Rogan. I decided against it and this was possibly the best decision I made because as I was going past Penarth Road Tesco the heavens opened and it actually started haling!

Maundy Saturday, race day….. Due to the event being televised on the BBC and around the world the mass start was not until 2.10pm. I have gone from struggling to run 5km on Christmas Day parkrun to completing over 18 miles taking in the World Half Marathon running in the footsteps of champions. Well it has taken me until Week 12 to really really NOT want to go out for a run. My plan was to give Glenn my jacket at 3 miles in as he was going to be at the Porsche garage dreaming on Penarth Road.

Then the nerves for London started – if I feel like this here how on earth am I going to cope with the expo and registration for London? Mum and I decided that the best plan was a taxi, it was not practical for Mum to drive as she would not have been able to park her car anywhere and she wanted to try and get around to a couple of places to see me on the route. Man The Fuck Up Pills… ( Log Out /  I guess things like this prove who you really mean something to.

magooagain. People not like me.

Also most stud work has noggins going across the uprights,so an original construction detail of the panel construction of you're house may also be prudent to have.

( Log Out /  Cue at least 25 runners who were not allowed to get on the train panicking about how they were going to get to the start line on time.

really good local food at healthy prices.

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Week 14-16 Summary towards London! Quit your bitching, bleating, moaning and whining. Shaw Tarse I think you've just pushed my retirement back. People with gazelle like long legs who float across the floor and making running look effortless. Today was a trip to the Docs to get some MTFU pills as @Fish calls them (that may come back to haunt him) followed by lunch at a café in Kilkee that's used by catering students to practice their skills. Whilst running I felt strong and easy and was able to maintain a good pace – between 6.30/6.40 per km. So I did a ROMWOD and some foam rolling instead.

There is absolutely no way a 2010 house should need any extra insulation. I know all the sayings, ‘a mile is a mile regardless of how fast’ and such like but being honest I am not a runner.

Dr Oz Show Ed Pills?

I am actually proving to myself that if I put my mind to something that I can achieve it. Mum and I headed to Birchgrove station with the plan of getting the train to Queen Street and then walking to City Hall. "Science without religion is lame. I said, I am writing a scar, I am catching up with my recent back, and the things written are not to make the readers tearful.
I had covered 0.42 further than intended! We had to wait ages until we got to the front of the queue. and then render the outside walls? 124 months.

From parkrun finish to home is all up hill so I wanted to try and get further along distance wise on the nice tarmac of Bute Park. I was tired, hungry and crabby and aware of how much this workout was going to hurt….. Easter Sunday was spent laying on the sofa and also completing 3 ROMWOD’s to try and regain some feeling in my legs. ( Log Out / 

Good Friday – rest day and registration day for the World Half Marathon. Before doing anything I'd find out how it was built in the first place.

.... at the weekend I found that the temperature outside was warmer then inside and opened the doors to let the heat in! I kept chugging away taking water from Glenn when I needed it and even having a little chat every now and again! Diolch cariad. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In short ... a2a_linkname="Man The Fuck Up";a2a_linkurl=""; This was a public service announcement brought to you by How To Get A Grip. A 10 year old TF house should be pretty good, better than the same age brick and block.

Taper Time! My 2001 house is timber-framed. An image tagged man the f up pills,nsfw. 'Metal Trades Federation of Unions' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. Toughen up.

Almost there!

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