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Any idea why it was deleted? Currently, Device profile is sRGB virtual device model profile and View conditions profile is WCS Profile for sRGB viewing conditions. Press J to jump to the feed. It will sound like marketing speak or like I'm some shill but I promise this is only an attempt to make this thread more searchable for the next guy. I'm now using the modified version of Racing mode from Tom's Hardware settings (Brightness 67, Contrast 69, Color Temp User Red 93, Green 100, Blue 81). Perhaps you might accidentally turn the blue light filter on.

I had a heck of a time finding all of this again. Thanks so much!

Dropping the settings manually in subsequent tests did not make much of a difference in FPS or gameplay. Ive been on one before but i cant remember what it was... has a black background, and you scroll through the calibration tools and images left to right? I felt the same, so I reduced Red to 92 and now it looks wonderful. EDIT: That monitor uses the 24"WS AU Optronics TN Film (M240HW01 V8) panel. It says start with Racing mode and dial in some numbers from the chart. Page 24 Shortcut Selecting this option allows you to set two shortcut keys. This is all of the information that I've found to make the Asus VG248QE 144Hz gaming monitor's colors and settings less washed out and much better color.

Click "Menu" Type "Color" Then "Add Profile" Browse to the ICC, and "Add" After add profile, click the dropdown, select other, then browse.

Designed for intense, fast-paced games, the ASUS VG279Q is a 27” Full HD gaming IPS display with an ultra-fast 1ms (MPRT) response time and blazing 144Hz refresh rate to give you super-smooth gameplay. Ascend to a level that respects your eyes, your wallet, your mind, and your heart. Racing mode is default, which sets the brightness to 100 and the contrast to 80.

GAMING For Doom there was a definite improvement in the smoothness of play.

Sometimes their sRGB mode might not be well done. To me it does give slightly better results than ones from PC Monitors, though I'm not professional and it's completely based on what I perceive.

Luckily there was a thread that linked to some great settings and an ICC color profile that makes this monitor shine!

I just plugged in my new 249Q. At the moment i have a GTX980 wich doesn't work with Gsync but until new GTX 30XX family arrive it will have to work. It is also very rare for a monitor to be fully calibrated by the factory. TUF Gaming VG249Q has an ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate, ensuring that even fast-paced games played at the highest visual settings look buttery smooth and completely lag-free. Then I thought I'd check the NVidia Control Panel.

Here are the two recommended OSD calibration settings for the Asus VG248QE 144Hz monitor. I'll keep the Spyder in mind. You can easily manage it on the On Screen Display. In theory, these presets should provide the user with the best image quality depending on the on-screen content, but in reality, that’s not quite the case. What recommended setting do you guys like more? Hello everyone, Just bought this beauty and i''m here to get the best settings in OSD.

There are other tools out there as well. Color->Brightness->42. Thank you for purchasing the ASUS® LCD monitor! Thanks! These are two very very good guides to read: Tom's Hardware Asus VG248QE 144Hz …

Vg278he series user guide for english edition (24 pages), Vg27ah series user guide for english edition (26 pages), 24”w (16:9, 60.97 cm) wide screen (25 pages), Asus - vg278h 27" 3d lcd monitor - 16:9 - 2 ms - black (26 pages), Vg278hr series user guide for english edition (27 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Canadian Department of Communications Statement, Detaching the Arm/Stand (For VESA Wall Mount), Monitor Asus TUF Gaming VG279QM Series User Manual, Page 13: Detaching The Arm/Stand (For Vesa Wall Mount). Using Tom's Hardware OSD setting.

I was actually looking for this because I switched to Windows 10 and made clean install because switched to differend SSD and user folder was from 7 originally.

Recommended Calibration Settings (not optimal for every monitor, but will usually get you close) First reset all to defaults.,3609-3.html. I just got this monitor and I'm confused what's OSD? Is anyone else having this problem? ASUS VG248QE Best Settings for FPS. Color->Color Temp.->User Mode->B->97. :) Basically, I'm going to create this thread and host some mirrors on Google Drive so that hopefully no one will need to struggle to find this info again. PC Monitors amazing guide to the Asus VG248QE 144Hz gaming monitor with hosted ICC color profiles for Windows. I think I've found the best config for me! (with the ICC profile loaded). Asus vg279 best settings. The frustrating thing is when you Google this, nearly everything links back to this above post.

Does anyone know a good calibration website? No clue. Is this normal or did I do something wrong? This is the guide on how to install one of the ICC profiles in Windows,,,,!0J5xSLbZ!uNSMgZ510uAF5Dg4PxXqmcqaNUqYJZvPmcXxpWjx88A, 40 (eliminates some minor fringing on text – also use ClearType), 43 (default contrast in this preset gives major shade crushing), 54 (according to preferences and lighting), 24 (gave 160 cd/m2 on our unit, adjust as required). That's why there are professional calibrators out there. Get the upper hand in first-person-shooters, racing, real-time strategy and sports titles.

Asus VG248QE: A 24-Inch, 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Under $300 By Christian Eberle 03 October 2013 Every performance-oriented gaming rig needs … I do not use Flux or any program similar to it. I may also be able to answer any questions regarding the monitor itself (as much as I know for 2 days of usage). Please can someone tell me best settings in the OSD ? Mirror for color profile (hash matches one I had):, All my files:!0J5xSLbZ!uNSMgZ510uAF5Dg4PxXqmcqaNUqYJZvPmcXxpWjx88A. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I use a Datacolor Spyder to calibrate my displays. The OSD has 6 modes.

ASUS LCD Monitor VG24 Series 1-1 1.1 Welcome!

I am not really sure though what are the correct settings on this (OSD, Windows color management or ICC Profiles and NVIDIA Control panel). It just is a bummer when you're googling all that info any every single thing points to that deleted thread. Often monitors don't come correctly calibrated. It has a simple design with outstanding ergonomics.

Press J to jump to the feed. Tom's Hardware recommended OSD settings for the Asus VG248QE. Should I use the settings there instead? I purchased a Asus VG248QE monitor a while back and out of the box the colors are pretty washed out.

I have just bought this monitor and noticed has yellow it is compared to my last one.

He lists four other brightness settings (32, 23, 15, 3) but I'm assuming that the top number is preferred for images. It seemed almost TOO RICH at first to me, but I held up an ipad and compared it to another monitor in the room and realized it was actually normal and rich. But you can probably get pretty close with the settings that Tom's used.

By they way, as I previously mentioned, room temperature is 10-15 Celcious degrees, so if the issues some people are having are heat-related, then I won't be bothered until summer time. I installed the Nvidia ICC profile, installed your driver included here, and then set the calibration to the one found on TomsHardware (but cranked up the brightness, I find all these guides have the monitors crazy dim IMO). The stock settings are super washed out but the brain has a neat way of just getting used to it.

These are two very very good guides to read: Tom's Hardware Asus VG248QE 144Hz gaming monitor color and OSD configuration.

Hopefully the de facto resource for calibrating and color correcting the Asus VG248QE 144Hz monitor.

Thank you for posting this, this is probably my favorite setup with a few tweaks here and there. Just verify that the profile you browsed to is the one selected, and you never have to look at it again. Welcome to the official subreddit of the PC Master Race. tft central is a great resource for this type of thing, very professional. I've downloaded / applied the nvidia profile and it's working like a charm. I dunno really.

ASUS LCD Monitor VG24 Series 1-1 1.1 Welcome! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 8086k@5.0Ghz 1080ti 32GB RAM Pics:, i5-3570K@3.40GHz | 16GB DDR3 | GTX680 | More on Steam profile, Desktop i74790K@4.8/4.4r|RTX2070S|Z87-G45|16GB DDR3. Asus vg279 best settings Asus vg279 best settings. With these features, you can enjoy the convenience and delightful visual The ASUS VG248QE 144Hz gaming monitor offers several pre-calibrated picture presets under the Splendid section of the OSD. Just got this sweet monitor today and your guide helped a lot.

And which one do you like better with CSGO? Wouldn't sRGB mode be best for artwork though? Compared to others: 24G2 is 7.57ms and VG240Y Pbiip is 8.54ms I will go with sRGB. I'm here from the future to tell you that the PC monitors ICC profile completely destroys your blacks and you shouldn't use it. PC Monitors TEST OSD settings for the Asus VG248QE. I was searching for this exact thing, and a glorious brother linked me to this thread! Unfortunately monitors and TVs have variations between them that make it hard for a universal calibration.

Daz Productions, Inc224 S 200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101,,4822-2.html. I like the ICC profile with Toms Hardware's settings, then fine tuning at Gamma: 1.05 (increased these cause I like a bit more vivid colors). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pcmasterrace community. With these features, you can enjoy the convenience and delightful visual

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