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His wishes were granted after three months and he joined up with his Ethiopian teammates in Lagos, where he took the 10,000m gold. Interview https://athleticsw.com/mccolgan-marathon Yifter valittiin Etiopian maajoukkueeseen vuoden 1968 olympialaisiin Méxicossä. The rest was academic as Yifter blasted out a final 200m in 27.2 to win in 13:20.91 ahead of Nyambui, with Maaninka third and Coghlan fourth. They are committed to "無駄をなくす- reducing waste" at every level. Born in Adigrat, in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia, Yifter spent early parts of his youth working in different factories and as a carriage driver. Then, in the 5000m, Yifter faced a larger pack of rivals at the bell, including the fast-finishing miler Eamonn Coghlan of Ireland and Suleiman Nyambui of Tanzania. Back in Ethiopia, Yifter's legacy has inspired many to take up running seriously including former quadruple World and reigning double Olympic 10,000m champion, Haile Gebrselassie, who was inspired to start running after hearing a radio commentary of Yifter's achievements in Moscow. Craig arranged to share the pace with John Treacy to ensure a tempo that would tax Yifter. Gebrselassie, and later Kenenisa Bekele continued Yifter’s legacy, winning four straight Olympic 10,000 titles, but have been and are so many other world-class Ethiopian distance runners — men and women — that it seems strange, indeed, to think of a time when they weren’t already on top of the world. At least, I wish I had been more familiar with his accomplishments in those boycott-plagued years of the late 70s and early 80s. There was a lot going on in that race. ", Early in the week, Yifter visited the team's training base at the Ararat Hotel in the outskirts of Addis Ababa where he met Bekele and other members of the team. "Some say that I took steriods, but that is pure nonsense.". "I want to coach young athletes here in Ethiopia," he says of his future plans. In the 1973 All-Africa Games he won one gold medal (10,000 m) and one silver (5000 m). Miruts Yifter (Amharic: ምሩፅ ይፍጠር, affectionately known as "Yifter the Shifter", 15 May 1944 – 22 December 2016) was an Ethiopian long-distance runner from Tigray and winner of two gold medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics.His date of birth is often given as 15 May 1944, though there is some uncertainty about this. "They greeted me with tears of joy in their eyes," he says. Tags: Abebe Bikila, Eamonn Coghlan, Haile Gebrselassie, Kenenisa Bekele, Lasse Viren, Mamo Wolde, Miruts Yifter, Moscow Olympics, Picture: Mark Shearman, Eilish McColgan says her pacemaking experience in London has given her a big confidence boost ahead of her move up to the marathon in the next couple of years. Undeterred, Yifter continued training on his own even after the team was disbanded by the sports commission. All Rights Reserved. The following day he beat Frank Shorter in the 10,000m at the same match and the following year took bronze over the same distance at the Munich Olympics behind winner Viren. His tactics gave him the nickname "Yifter the Shifter" after he modified the pace of the race with 300m remaining - a trademark that transformed distance running. [5] According to family members, he had been suffering from respiratory problems. This week, following Yifter’s death on December 22nd at the approximate age of 72 (no one was ever sure how old he was), Gebrselassie was quoted by the Associated Press, saying “Miruts has been everything to me and my athletics career. Craig roomed with Henry Marsh to comply with Cindy’s strict Catholic moral standards regarding unwed adults sleeping together. Craig would consider that to be the most watched race he ever contested. Perhaps no one in the United States was paying attention, but in Ethiopia, a seven-year-old boy named Haile Gebrselassie was listening to the race on the radio. However, he arrived too late for the 5000 metres final. He is the reason for who I’m now and for what I have achieved,” legendary runner Haile Gebreselassie said of Yifter. ( Log Out /  Theories range from getting lost on the way to the stadium to being blocked by security at a check-in gate to getting involved in a pre-race dispute with Ethiopian officials and there have even been reports that he was thrown into jail on his return to Ethiopia for being a ‘traitor’ for missing the race. Track & Field News would rank him No. When Craig pulled wide to let Treacy lead the seventh lap, Treacy couldn’t. It was the same ploy Craig had used once against Herb Lindsay in college. ©2019 World Athletics. In 1976, he missed the Olympics due to Ethiopia boycotting the Games. Rest in peace, legend! I didn’t see Waldemar Cierpinski, later implicated in the vast East German Doping program, defend his Olympic marathon title. Unfortunately, his medals are tainted by the fact that he admitted to the NY Times in 1981 that he had had blood transfusions (of his own blood) prior to the Olympics. "I was determined to run the four best races of my life (two semi-finals and two finals)," he says. "They said that I had deliberately failed to compete and threw me into jail," a tearful Yifter recalls. And in the next few years, Martti Vainio would emerge — apparently to carry on the great Finnish running tradition. "I prayed that if I tried and succeeded in doing something brave in Moscow, I would gladly give my life for it.". Yifter was unable to participate in the 1976 Summer Olympics because his nation boycotted the event. Yifter has seven children, according to the AP. “We talked about it with the coaches and I practiced taking off with 300m to go in both the 5000 and 10,000m races,” he told the IAAF in 2004. ( Log Out /  He wanted to be ready when his chance came four years later, but he would be 40 by then and no match for the young field. The distance double was complete and in some style too. I wish I had seen and appreciated Yifter in his prime. For the next twenty days at least, Yifter, like all other Ethiopians around the world, will be on the look out for Ethiopian performances in Athens and hopefully merrymaking after any victory. "I told journalists who saw me to count my enthusiasm, not my age," he laughs.

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