little hurt it's ok not to be ok

I remember hearing adults talk about how disconcerting the passing of time could be. While I have genuinely enjoyed traveling and seeing other cultures, I was always happy to return here. So I decided to take some of my tour income and invest in a better camera.

It's not much of a hurdle, I know, but it's enough of one that you need to be just above a passing interest to go further. Yay! Now there are a lot more requirements and restrictions and tests you have to run.

That being said, I know a lot of people haven’t been receiving them. For those who missed it, I have a new Radical Face single in every issue. I mean the kind where there is absolutely nothing to do on a calendar. On tour, almost every day is the same. I can set up mics with no other goal than exploring. And that abstract feeling often drags anxiety along with it. But I would like to start writing blog posts more more frequently, so I will keep these more at one subject at a time. I feel like I am resetting that scale. Ben introduced every new song and explained it in a few sentences.

I honestly stopped looking at them when I got home.
At this point, neither of us can say. Both of the bass came on when they were supposed to.

Beyond these acoustic videos and tutorials (still very open to suggestions, by the way), I have some other projects in the pipeline. I usually edit all of my music videos, so I'm comfortable with the software, but the camera itself is something I don't know much about. And we scheduled more days off in between so I can have bursts of quiet time and not lose my voice. Over the past eight years, I have been working on a series of records collectively dubbed “The Family Tree.” It all began from a desire to write my own family saga, only in music form instead of a novel. I've noticed that when things get serious, I am not a person that reaches out very much. For fans of Radical Face's music I would definitely recommend seeing them in person. So thank you. But as another challenge to go with this video, I decided to illustrate a lot of the lines. Inside it, I am going to include at least one new Radical Face song. We are timid, or more argumentative, or just don't contribute at all to avoid the headache. So inevitably, my mind wanders. Songs and additional content will be added every Friday, until all 44 tracks are explained. So I decided to film this weird dream. I’m in love with this man with the body of an ogre and the voice of an angel. I was remembering all kinds of things I'd rather not have. The last of the trilogy, “The Family Tree: The Branches” wasn’t released until 2012. I hope everyone is well … IN THE YEAR TWENTY-TWENTY! Greg Calbi did a great job with it. It doesn’t make much sense to me as a musician. Radical Face is een muzikale act van Ben Cooper (geboren in 1982) uit Jacksonville in Florida, die ook deel uitmaakt van Electric President, Iron Orchestra en Mother's Basement.Cooper kwam de naam "Radical Face" tegen op een flyer en besloot deze voor zijn act te gebruiken. I sometimes forget the communal aspect of music. I am. Don’t like what you’re hearing? I also know that my personal feelings about it don’t matter much. I never did much of it in the first place, but I decided at the beginning of the year that I would try posting more on things like Instagram. In a similar vein to Evening Hymns, they balance darkness with light - the songs are melancholy and full of pain, but Ben and the band are charming, warm and funny. I’ve been peeling a lot of this apart lately. The world I have worked in for the past 15 years is pretty unrecognizable right now, and like most everything else, large aspects of it have ground to a halt. It is what allowed me to travel, both figuratively and literally. Everything I make, I make myself, in my own house. A great evening. But coming from where I did, geographically and economically speaking, I doubt that would have ever happened were it not for art. I can't wait for next time they will play in Denmark. I really just feel like I’m finally getting more honest with myself and where, and how, I like to participate. And I like that when I am done, it will sit on my personal website. Everything is strange. My bedroom in my apartment was the only place for records and merch, and my bed was surrounded, floor to ceiling, with boxes. It also never ceases to amaze me how we organize ourselves with language. I will write again soon. Why would someone sign on to something that is about sharing images to find out about music? But what I learned from this vocal doctor is that I use a lot of neck muscles to speak and sing, much more than most people, so when I talk too much, push too hard or don’t get enough rest/sleep, I lose my voice because my neck tires out. And it has been giving me so many ideas for my lyric driven work that I would be involved for that alone. In the past I would just teach the chords and patterns and leave it at that. And since I learn best with applied practice, I am giving myself certain goals with each video. And lastly, I think I’ve always struggled with the monotony of touring. So we are fast approaching the end of 2019. Now that I am putting records out myself again, one huge advantage is I don’t have to wait until a record label has an open slot for me to release it. I can have it up shortly. As a child, art was a window into the larger world.

And luckily, that is a lot less work. And since ideas are free, it only makes sense to me to be more free with them — to take more chances and explore even more aggressively, without worry for how they will be received. Anytime something moves me or makes me think, I pass it along. We produced an entirely improvised album with pianist Michael Sheppard. That I can have groceries delivered to me while in a pandemic, or even further – completely prepared food; that my environment is temperature controlled with a few button presses; that my clothing can be thrown into a machine that does the work for me in under an hour; that I can turn a lever for clean running water, at whatever temperature I choose, and wash up in minutes – all of this gives me time and space that I can fill with the unnecessary. I like searching for connections, and attempting to find the limits of ideas. Nothing about that mood lends itself to the idea of performing, and I have often felt a disconnect with playing the songs live because of that. So it was small and intimate. Much of what I wrote found it's way onto Ghost, but at first that writing felt scattered, like it was all just spilling over with no real direction. All of those factors take away time from the core act of creating music, and if you are not careful, they will destroy it. And while I was thankful that all those years of studying and practicing gave me the tools to work in other visual mediums, like music videos, I otherwise didn't think of it anymore. I will still post notices and work on Instagram and the like, but the meat of the content and discussion will (hopefully) live here now. Watching those who work in the music world, this has been a source of significant dread for a lot of people. But notice how I only use the word “internet.” This was an issue. I have spent a lot of my life making things up. Hell, most people don’t even know they’re there at all. And thanks again for everyone who came out to the European shows, and for being such an attentive audience. Funny and poignant at the same time. - “I’ll gladly come to your human party.”. I was 23 at the time, and my change in outlook was so severe that I didn't know what to do with myself. Some kind of internal mirror that I learned about myself with. I spend parts of every single day absorbing what others have created, and with the internet, almost entirely ignoring the former limitations of space or time. But there is so much time spent in vans, not talking, or sitting alone in foreign rooms, and I can only read and play my switch so much. I enjoyed it tho! But hey, having to force some patience is the clearest sign that you're excited, right? The last time I felt I had this much breathing room to make a record was when I did “The Roots.” A major difference is how much more I feel like I can just play. It was fun for a change of pace to try some singles and EPs, but it’s not where my heart is. It may seem simple to put out an album, and it has certainly gotten a lot easier over the past 8 years, but so many things you never anticipate show up along the way. Because I would rather fade away, or have to come up with something entirely new, than do things I don’t believe in for some desperate grab at relevance. Something about repeating numerology always summons a science-fiction narrator in my head. Working on the anniversary recordings for the second vinyl caught me off-guard, though. Josh and I have been having lengthy conversations about how much of a future we have here. I don't know how obvious those details are to people who don't obsess over sound in an unhealthy way like I do, but they're pretty striking to me.

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