list of facial features

A soul patch is grown just below the lower lip, but does not grow past the chin (i.e..

Rolling the eyes Dark circles under the eyes Darting glances

Similar thin moustaches are sometimes favored by, This is a narrow but tall moustache which generally does not extend beyond the sides of the nose, and extends to the upper lip. Icy stare

Curling upper lip Gritting teeth Staring somebody down Eyes squeezed shut ), Cautiousness, wariness For the results see the list below. Nods of encouragement Squinting Chewing on lips A full-beard which shows full, unmodified growth on all available areas of the face and neck, including the moustache, chin, sideburns, and cheeks. Pinched mouth

One raised eyebrow Chewing on lips, nails, or personal object. J o w l s e p t u m F u r r o w P h i l t r u m E y e s o c k e t S k i n l i d s l i p s N o s t r i l s J a w E y e E a r h a i r l i p s M o l e. E y e s ... About Fight List. (As I did reading ‘The Goldfinch’ – an intelligent, worthy writer: brilliant but she doesn’t know when to stop…(I should be so lucky!) If you need additional beats, consult a body language dictionary. Tense muscles around closed mouth A beard that evenly extends below the chin, but no more than 20 cm. Dilated pupils Rubbing one’s nose There are many different types of moustache, but all differentiate between hair grown exclusively on the upper lip and hair grown on other parts of the face (which would make the facial hair a beard).

This style was common among 19th- and early 20th-century German collegiates and military officials. Closing or half-closing eyes

This is usually accentuated by styling the hair with a product such as hair gel or moustache wax. Although it is difficult to articulate the subtle similarities among affected individuals, it is clear when looking at photos that children with M-CM look more like each other than members of their own families. Biting the inside of one’s cheek Empty stare Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Time to cut the Pinocchio strings. Red eyes Frowning Dark circles under the eyes

Brows pulled together Covering mouth with hand Sticking out one’s tongue While the individual facial features can be highly variable, frontal bossing appears to be the most frequent and consistent finding among affected individuals.

Vacant stare Embarrassment, shame A beard where the middle part hangs from chin leaving it pointed. Monitoring the face of the object of sympathy, Conceit, egotism, narcissism, vanity

Or hate. Glancing away

Whistling 100+ Ways to Say Cried

Biting nails Scrutinizing others to determine their opinion, Insecurity

Creases beside the eyes Wide eyes Sly smile Biting the lip

Lowered eyebrows A thin, narrow, moustache that grows downward in two very long tendrils from the upper lip, with the tapered, pointed ends hanging past the jawline. Curling one’s lip Hi Kathy, These lists must be very helpful for writers with little imagination – for some do write in a mundane way….The really ‘clever clogs’ (to be applauded) can, sometimes, also overwrite and tend to really milk their prose. Laughing at someone Giggling I’ve read popular authors who go on … and on … until I lose track of the storyline. Glowering

Flashing eyes Sighing Smooth forehead Sweating In addition to facial expressions, the following list includes body language involving the face, head, and neck. Excessive makeup References Edit. Pressing lips firmly together Orange-peel consistency appearing on skin of tightened chin, Sadism It is supposed to look narrow enough to have been drawn on with a pencil (or eyeliner). Dimpled smile Adoring gaze Narrowed eyes

But I’m amazed at the detail writers like Colleen McCullough include without making their books seem tedious.

Red or moist eyes Named after. Downturned lips Bared teeth

Wrinkled nose Lack of eye contact Picking one’s nose Laughter Dimpled grin Inability to keep one’s eyes open Playing with hair or mustache, Surprise A moustache is defined as any facial hair grown specifically on the upper lip. Tight-lipped smile Downturned mouth 125 Ways to Say Look or See Do your characters nod or roll their eyes like marionettes? Facial tics Quizzical smile Tilting head and looking askance (sideways), Pride [in oneself] Evil grin
Splotchy complexion Pursed lips Raised brows

Focusing on anything or anyone except where attention should be focused (e.g., fingernails, watch, clothing, etc. Trembling chin Frowning or scowling Arching one eyebrow Dilated nostrils Signs of plastic surgery Too Many Sighs of Relief in Your Writing? They encompass anything you can describe about a person or group of people, just on sight. Hiding one’s eyes or face behind hands, hair, hat, etc. This is meant to resemble the hair on the chin of a, A beard style incorporating hair on the chin but not the cheeks. A beard with the length of more than 20 cm. Brows raised and pulled together

Glaring at the object of irritation Reddening of the ears Open mouth Repeated swallowing

Raised lips

This list may not reflect recent changes (). Visible cord(s) in neck Direct eye contact without staring but with minimal blinking, Remorse, regret

Wiping one’s nose with a tissue Red face Jutting chin Closed eyes, Pessimism Classic sidewhiskers hang well below the jawline.

Often the two patches are shaped and styled independently of each other, sometimes with the chin being made into a narrow oval shape and the moustache flared out like a Handlebar style. Half-lidded eyes Tears Bared teeth It was used as a category by, Narrow moustache that points upwards. Puckered forehead Head turned away or slightly downturned while maintaining eye contact, Happiness, enthusiasm Jutting jaw 200+ Ways to Say Frown or Scowl Faraway look

Lips stretched so tightly over teeth that they seem to disappear, Sadness, unhappiness

Cocked head

This contributes to an image that a man is anywhere between relaxed and casual to disheveled and unclean. Thumbing the nose at someone Coughing

Direct eye contact Audible exhalations Rigid expression Type Fight List question: Start typing question and then select from the list. Nose in the air Traditionally, the term referred to a style including only the hair on the lower jaw around the mouth, but has become a. Shaking one’s head Often a man wearing a pencil moustache will shave the area above it to accentuate the remaining hair. Pale, trembling features

Dark circles under the eyes Blinking Half-hearted smile Chewing on lip Dimpled smile Excessive swallowing Swallowing hard Tears Minimal eye contact 600+ Ways to Describe Necks Wrinkled brow Thrust-out chin Staring at toes Pressing lips together

Baring one’s teeth Wrinkled nose

Any extension beyond a simple corner angle on the front side of the head is considered to be a sideburn, though they can range widely in size from short and neatly cropped to the distinctly massive "muttonchops" of, Related to sideburns and muttonchops, but considerably more extreme.

Rubbing one’s eyes Making inappropriate facial expressions for the circumstances, Depression 500+ Ways to Describe Faces A moustache similar to the Pyramid moustache but steeper, thus resembling a.

Curled lip

Sticking out the tongue Pursed lips Blinking. Darting glances Grimacing Chewing on lip Clenched jaw

I’ve often thought, ‘how do I show that in writing.’ Thanks so much for sharing. Chewing on the lip Crinkled eyes

Resultantly dubbed the "Hitler moustache" in the public consciousness, the style faded from popularity after 1939 and was nearly extinct after World War II. Squinting Skin bunching around the eyes Pronounced lip-pursing Squinting Tears trickling down face, Relaxation Cocking the head Knitted brows Flared nostrils An extended version of the Van Dyke which wraps around the mouth, with the ends of the moustache (and sometimes also the jawline) flared out beyond the lines that connect to the chin. Broad grin This is so helpful. Glancing away Snarling A full beard without a moustache or neck hair, sometimes called a "lion's mane.". Pressing lips together in firm line These may be used to convey facial expressions, as the basis of face recognition or as features on which to base judgements about physical appearance and physical attractiveness. Moist eyes Closed mouth

Named for Italian Marshal of the Air Force Italo Balbo.

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