lindsay total drama

Lindsay, labeled The Dumb Princess, is a canon contestant in the Total Drama series. She was very excited when knowing they would have a whole trailer full of makeup as a confessional. Chris responds by telling her that's now how it works and his actual name. In Million Dollar Babies, Harold and Lindsay are pitted against each other for the boxing match, due to being their teams' worst performers in the training course. Lindsay is on her school gymnastics team and has been praised by her team because of her beauty. She later starts crying over the fact that there are communal bathrooms, and she screams when she encounters a cockroach in her cabin. Lindsay tries to help Trent when he falls in a pit of quicksand but ends up getting stuck herself. Lindsay actually caused Heather's elimination in I Triple Dog Dare You!, where Heather's refusal to do Lindsay's dare resulted in her being automatically eliminated. However, their friendship grows after getting placed on Team Victory in Total Drama World Tour. They are seen holding hands the entire way down, and they both succeed in landing on their appropriate target. After seeing how Heather faked being friends with Leshawna, Lindsay asked Heather if she and her were friends, but Heather only said they were for the time being. In The Princess Pride, when Lindsay reveals she has big feet, Duncan mocks her by calling her "Bigfoot" and laughs at her with the other guys, much to her chagrin. Like before, she votes off several of her friends without remorse while under the influence of Justin's charm. In The Big Sleep, Lindsay, along with Beth, is recruited into Heather's Alliance for being unintelligent and obedient enough to do everything Heather says. In an exclusive clip prior to the special, Izzy frightens Lindsay with her scary story to the point she feels nauseous. Lindsay's bike made it to round two and made it past most of terrain there. Courtney's competitive nature and leadership skills immediately threaten Lindsay's position as the de facto leader of the team. At the end of That's Off the Chain!, Lindsay says goodbye to DJ. Lindsay also says, if she would have been eliminated, she would have blamed it on Beth, for the sole reason that she needed someone to blame it on. Lindsay later forgave Leshawna when she did her apology cheer. Despite Courtney's protest of Lindsay's costume not being original, Chris continues with the judging. When both teams are required to save Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa, Anne Maria openly refuses to take part as she doesn't want to ruin her looks. Lindsay is overjoyed and says that without Heather; she can be a better addition to the team as she has a lot of hidden potential (although her suggestion is for Tyler to help the team, despite his not being there). In the The Aftermath: III, we can see Lindsay in "That's going to leave a mark,” in a video from episode One Million Bucks, B.C., where Heather hurts Lindsay while "brushing" her hair. She also works with Beth, or attempts to, through the first part of the challenge. On her first day on the island, Lindsay annoys Chef when she asks him if his cooking contains a list of ingredients forbidden by her personal trainer. Lindsay and Beth try to flatter Justin until Beth goes crazy over Justin's hair. Lindsay isn't seen again until the final challenge, where she cheered when Gwen won for the Gophers. Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Total Drama All-Stars In Haute Camp-ture, when Lindsay accidentally votes off Leshawna later that episode, she noticeable irritates DJ. Once Lindsay's team loses the challenge, she realizes that Heather is still in the freezer, and rescues her. They are assigned to make a citrus macadamia upside-down cake flambé. As Chris explains what each team is supposed to do, Beth and Lindsay gasp from shock, Justin gasps weakly, and, oddly, Lindsay gasps again. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Izzy gives information about Lindsay to Sierra about her having four ingrown toenails. Lindsay falls for Justin's charms in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island and hands him the million-dollar case without resisting because of his good looks. Her trademark outfit is a brown vest over a red tank top, an orange striped mini skirt, and brown calf high cowboy boots with decorative stars on the sides. Trent also trusts Lindsay in Who Can You Trust?, even though he suffers from a toxic reaction from the fish she had prepared. Lindsay cheers for Owen and is happy to see him win the 100,000 dollars. Compared to Bridgette's dish of sushi, her mushy meal looked very unprepared. During the second challenge, Lindsay and Cody are opponents, with Lindsay supporting Alejandro and Cody supporting Heather. She is one of the 5 contestants (4 excluding Courtney's return in Action) who has competed in the most seasons in Total Drama overall. Like everyone else from both teams, they suffered a near death experience, by the water that was getting into the submarine. Lindsay doesn't seem to hate Chris as much as the other contestants. Her team later loses the challenge, and at the campfire ceremony, Lindsay is in the bottom two along with Izzy. When Leshawna is eliminated in the same episode, Lindsay and Beth are disappointed to see her go. This page has been borrowed from Total Drama Wiki. After the two win and relax in first-class, DJ allows Lindsay to bring Tyler as well, which she shows her gratitude by kissing him on the cheek. In Haute Camp-ture, Katie and Sadie squeal with delight and clap when Lindsay announces that she would be on the cover of a magazine. to help their friend Owen win the game. Even though she felt pain, she was actually grateful for the challenge, as she couldn't get over how smooth and hairless her face felt afterwards. In The Sand Witch Project, DJ shocks Lindsay when he reveals he was in an illegal alliance with Chef. Despite her typical innocence, Lindsay has shocked her fellow contestants on more than one occasion, such as when she swears at Heather. Team: Team DakotaBender2119 DJ allows Lindsay to invite Tyler to first class with them. She eventually asks "Kyle" if she could have a cabin with the lake view, since she was the prettiest of the campers. Tyler is later eliminated at the Killer Bass's bonfire ceremony. They later find the case in the river, but it is quickly stolen by Duncan, and Courtney, they are then chased away by an Alligator. She is one of the 5 contestants (4 excluding Courtney's return in Action) who has competed in the most seasons in Total Drama overall. They later develop a severe conflict during Total Drama Action, particularly after Courtney makes her debut to the season and gets placed on Lindsay's team. Lindsay tries to attack Chris for that remark, but gets pulled back by her teammates. Also, Justin takes advantage of Lindsay's ability to be easily manipulated by stronger personalities. Later, When Gwen returns to the cabin after swimming, Lindsay attempts to distract her so Heather could find Gwen's diary. Beautiful but not vain, Lindsay's big heart and childish nature have made her one of the most well-liked competitors on the show. Upon realizing that Chef has to use a chainsaw to cut her hair, Lindsay runs away in fear, failing the challenge. In Total Drama World Tour, they both join Team Victory. Lindsay also has moments in which she appears to have a fondness for Izzy, such as expressing happiness at her being deemed safe during the elimination ceremony in Dodgebrawl and appearing dismayed at the possibility of her being eaten by the "bear" in The Sucky Outdoors. In That's Off the Chain!, Owen is sad to see Lindsay be eliminated, hugs her, and tells her that he will miss her the most. She got past through the building made by cardboard that was "on fire.” She failed in saving the potato sack dressed like "damsel" in danger. Lindsay competed against Harold during the boxing challenge where they must punch each other with marshmallow gloves. Lindsay, labeled The Dumb Princess, is a canon contestant in the Total Drama series. Gwen is upset that Lindsay is eliminated instead of Heather in That's Off the Chain!, being one of the contestants to support her when she badmouths Heather. When Lindsay arrives at the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Chris states that she is "not too shabby." Lindsay and Tyler making out in Not Quite Famous. In this same episode she "leads" Beth, Justin and Leshawna in the challenge to find the alien eggs, but they were caught by a trap made by Chef. They also find the case yet again, by the washroom. During Come Fly With Us, both Lindsay and Bridgette blush when Alejandro enters the room and helps them down the chairs. In the end, the Grips lost and had to go to the Chris Awards Ceremony. Lindsay and Tyler are the first official couple revealed in the series. Lindsay quickly runs away in fear before Chef gets the chance to shoot her. Courtney then objected, saying that Wonder Woman already exists. In the end of the episode she helps her team with the cheering contest, which allows the Grips to win because Chris was the judge of the challenge and they cheered for him, saving them from the elimination. She is a parody of the typical "dumb blonde" stereotype and has at times, proven that to be false. Thinking that Courtney had used the napkin as a murder weapon, Lindsay explains how Courtney is guilty to the rest of the cast, since she was the only one with access to cheesy puffs, and the fingerprints were composed of cheese powder. In Runaway Model, Chris worries that he will be sued if Lindsay is eaten by Sasquatchanakwa and sends the newcomers to rescue her. In fact, upon finding out that Izzy returns to the competition in No Pain, No Game, Lindsay exclaims "Oh no!" In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Lindsay is seen relaxing by the pool with her new best friend, Beth, while celebrating Owen's Total Drama Island win. In Super Hero-ld, after Lindsay's Wonder Woman costume wins the first challenge, she asks the others who want to ride on her "invisible jet" and Duncan, along with Chris, Chef and the other male contestants playfully raise their hands. In Rock n' Rule, Duncan admits at the start the problems he had with watching the movie with Lindsay in the previous episode, realizing how much he can't stand being around her with her. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Lindsay is on Gwen's side for the final challenge, but later switches to Owen's side when he announces a party on a yacht when he wins, although quite reluctantly. Unfortunately, her ten extra seconds are wasted away in the third challenge due to Courtney destroying everything in the room and leaving nothing standing. She then tells Trent she took Biology, but failed the class. While Ezekiel did not qualify for Total Drama Action and Lindsay did, both returned to Total Drama World Tour.

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