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We will also spend time working on techniques and confidence building tools for becoming a more dynamic and engaging speaker. Understanding the technical potential of restoring small water cycles, recharging groundwater and transforming climate through focus on the plant-soil-water connection. I am so hopeful that the messages and stories they tell will inspire many to live regeneratively and support carbon farming. Regenerative Agriculture, which blends modern discoveries in soil biology with indigenous wisdom and pioneering holistic thinking, is a solution that addresses our biggest crises. Kiss the Ground's flagship stewardship course introduces a “new, old view” of soil regeneration, explains the principles of regenerative agriculture, shows students different advocacy pathways, and teaches students how to speak about and demonstrate these principles for different audiences.

ANYONE who is interested in learning more about the power of healthy soil and regenerative agriculture. Family physician, Founder & Director of The UltraWellness Center, NYT best-selling author, and Board President for Clinical Affairs for The Institute for Functional Medicine. Regenerative agriculture can change that. Becoming a messenger of opportunity in trying times: “Together, we can do this!” We can DRAWDOWN carbon from our atmosphere to REGENERATE our land back to health by rebuilding healthy soil! Learning how plants and soil organisms work together to build healthy soil. We can rebuild soil, replenish water cycles, and reverse global warming. Finian Makepeace is the co-founder of Kiss the Ground and a renowned presenter, media creator, and thought leader in the field of regenerative agriculture and soil health. He believes that with enough new advocates promoting the ancient wisdom, pioneering holistic thinking, and new science of regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration we can heal our planet - together. Thanks so much for being here! In this module, we explore why advocates are so crucial to the success of any movement and delve into strategies to empower yourself on your journey, including how to find your "why." How does lifetime access sound? In this module, we explore the concepts of regeneration and how it compares to degeneration and sustainability. Understanding the basic principles of regenerative agriculture. In this module we give brief overviews of how rebuilding soil is the solution to crises surrounding water, food, health, climate, biodiversity, farmer prosperity, and so much more.

It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Whether you are a student, parent, business owner, chef, farmer or a concerned citizen, anyone can leverage their passions to advance global regeneration. Taking Action: What's your next step with your new knowledge and how can Kiss the Ground support you. When you participate in this course, you’re joining an interconnected group of world influencers transforming the discourse on agriculture and climate change to include the power of healthy soil and carbon farming. The relationship started with an on-site production method in their West Los Angeles offices. - Annie Tenwick, "Regenerative Agriculture is our future from the past and this class is easy to follow the best path for our food." Choosing key talking points that you relate to and stage one of choosing subject matter. Strategic Advisor - Phoenix Rising Resources, LLC, Coordinator - Carbon Project at People, Food & Land Foundation, Accredited Field Professional in Holistic Management. Everyone has a unique and powerful path, find yours. Watch "The Compost Story" by Kiss the Ground, the creators of "The Soil Story." We’re running out of topsoil. He has developed training programs, workshops, and talks designed to empower people to become confident messengers and advocates for this growing movement. The work being done for regenerative agriculture and for educating the consumers is powerful!! Why “Regeneration” is our best option and what it means. Every class was filled with Aha moments. with our network for students where feedback is available and your projects get support. Online students can submit a phone or computer video recording for review.

tips and methods for increasing your ability to present or speak to any audience. Rich with information. Our reaction was sustainability. Visit Commercial Filmmaking Site For over a year, Director’s Cut worked with Kiss the Ground to grow their online educational platforms starting with Soil Advocate Training. Regenerative agriculture can change this. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}
. The following experts are present throughout the course as guest lecturers and/or interviewees. Public Speaking Techniques: Building comfort explaining = learning and explaining. The idea for Kiss the Ground was born in our cofounder's living room, where various people with different skills - all united in their passion for this movement - met every Monday to try to problem solve.

In this module, we explore how to bring these ideas to the world, powerful ways to complete talks, what it means to "walk the walk," and ways to further your work at the policy level. Healthy soil is the way to a healthy future." Soil, and the plant-microbe symbiotic relationship that makes it grow, is the essence of life on land. He has developed training programs, workshops, and talks designed to empower people around the world to become confident advocates for this growing movement. From policy and business to education and farming, advocates just like you will lead the charge towards positive change. The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! They are constantly learning about how ecosystems function and then sharing this complex and vital information in engaging and inspiring ways. Who is this course designed for? Have you ever looked at a banana peel and thought, "Is that it?" Become a Soil Advocate. Kiss the Ground Speaker Training 4/17-5/29 Join farmers, teachers, students, soil scientists, environmentalists, soil advocates, & business owners + from around the world! The great news for us is that the problem of too much carbon (in CO2) in the atmosphere is also the solution - it is what we use to rebuild the soil! Regenerative agriculture can change this. A “technology” with over 500 million years of research and development. Compare and contrast the different agricultural practices for building topsoil versus losing topsoil. You can participate in the course online from anywhere in the world or in-person at the Kiss the Ground Headquarters at 4505 Glencoe Ave, Los Angeles, California. Could this humble peel serve a greater purpose? to use for future educational talks or speaking engagements. Healthy soil = healthier you.

Public Speaking Techniques: Presentations Group 2, practice, practice, practice. The course starts now and never ends! But will sustaining an already degenerated planet do? Discovering your “why” and origin story. Triple board-certified physician, educator on the microbiome, founder of Seraphic Group & Farmer’s Footprint, Program Coordinator, The Growing Experience, Founder, Hands in the Soil. Now, 75% of the land on earth is deemed “degraded.” Each year, an area of farmable land nearly the size of England (30 million acres), is lost to soil degeneration. BRAND NEW RESOURCES → Regenerative Farm Map & Soil Policy Initiative, Kiss the Ground is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Kiss the Ground is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit. We're telling the new story of compost as the regenerating, probiotic solution for restoring land and balancing the climate. How to compare Degenerative Agriculture to Regenerative Agriculture. No matter what scale of farming, we can begin to use principles and practices that actually bring the land back to life, allowing it to function at its highest capacity again. Director’s Cut […] Working with nature to rebuild soil is crucial to solving the climate, water, and food crises. Plus, relating to the audience from where you are versus pretending you are an expert. We also take a deep dive into how soil is built, how it is structured, what it is, and how the soil system is self regenerating. Kiss the Ground We understand the power of coming together.

In public speaking it is extremely useful to relate to your audience by sharing why you are passionate about this particular subject (the catalyst story of why you are there). Healthy soil is the reason that our land can be abundant with life, the reason that water can be absorbed and retained for plants to grow, that small organisms become food for larger organisms, why things can be decomposed and recomposed, the reason that springs flow, the reason plants can absorb nutrients. And, of course, a big reminder that practice and taking advocacy steps is the way to grow your impact. For over 10,000 years, agriculture has been causing degradation to land in most parts of the world. Our goal is to provide students with new knowledge and perspectives while honoring the origins of this wisdom.

The next Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate Training Course begins. including lectures, exercises, expert interviews, “challenges,” and a highly curated reading and resources list. We explore several soil demos and what they mean; discuss what regenerative agriculture is; learn the six principles of regenerative agriculture; compare degenerative and regenerative farming practices; and discuss certifications like Regenerative Organic Certified. How it feels to share comfortably vs feeling of high stakes and pressure. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. - Hannah Lacey Riddle, "Our health and the health of the planet relies on a regenerative future and the core principles to implement are taught by KTG Speaker Training Course. Additionally, we offer perspectives on how many of these ideas and views have been the cornerstone of several Indigenous cultures but have been pushed away or neglected by many societies, leading many of us to feel very disconnected from nature today. This has significantly broken our small water cycles and drained our clean water sources as they are not able to replenish. You will learn how to powerfully present the topics of soil health and regenerative agriculture as solutions to climate change, water scarcity, and feeding the world. The big “Aha”, We CAN do this! We depend on the nutrients in the food we eat to reach our optimal health, and all those nutrients are made available by soil biology. with Finian Makepeace and Featuring World-Renowned Pioneers in the Movement to Regenerate Our Planet.

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