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Sorry. I would share that feeling with you, and I’d openly ridicule those type of people who believe in such things too. Surely this Archetype is some kind of psychic substructure that contains consciousness until the psyche is balanced and the experiencer attains psychological maturation and psychic well-being. So they don’t know what male and female are for, they don’t know why they are sexual beings, nothing makes sense, biology doesn’t make sense, they are living in a kind of hell and as Peterson so beautifully observes, hell is a lived experience on earth. No one argues for complete abstinence from empathy—it is arguably a quality that helped us ascend to the peak of the animal kingdom—but it also softens you. Then, I compared the detected planets to my actual catalogue of planets.

The study's co-author UBC astronomer Jaymie Matthews put this from another perspective, explaining that "Our Milky Way has as many as 400 billion stars, with seven per cent of them being G-type. That means less than six billion stars may have Earth-like planets in our Galaxy. However, if he does not believe in the miracles, then you will say, “I knew it! All these months in, with over 37 million COVID-19 cases and more than 1 million deaths globally, you may be wondering, with increasing exasperation, how long this will continue. So that therefore, would require good arguments and public discourse (in my opinion), before you can alter overall sentiment. Which is this: You could give the star player the ball every time if you want to win a game.

This is a fan site, run by a fan, for fans. If your question is only about whether or not Christ has died and was resurrected, then I really don’t know how he (or anyone) can provide you with an argument that is persuasive enough to change your opinion. But, once we strip away all the mythical and supernatural elements from the narrative, what’s left?, My wishes were granted. But it doesn’t matter, I’m not interested in the blame game. They are stories of the personification of the archetype put into a time and place on earth, just like any other myth that puts it’s hero on earth. Nevertheless, developing economies are increasing rapidly thanks to access to clean water, medicine, and cellular technologies. As I said, there are no simple answers when it comes to spirituality. It wasn’t considered until later in the development. Now, the comment. That is why it important to show what is myth. Could you please provide the name and author of the book you reference in your discussion on Marxism? We can glean value from some stories within stories, yes, but we can also from the same pages harvest corruption, hate, incorrect information and the resistance to progress for the better. I think Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson do have good things to say, but these universal truths they hit can be found elsewhere, because they are universal. Regardless, here are two moments from JRE worthy of discussion.

} This is why I am so very interested in Professor Peterson’s point of view. I know that it is not my job to convict anyone to believe a certain way, but only to share my faith as I am given the opportunity.

I didn’t see it on your site. And that is this: light serves no purpose other than to illuminate darkness. Fantastic podcast. Then whence cometh evil? I remember myself as a young boy struggling with the thought of hell. Also regarding your thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls (I personally dislike them), you’re forgetting to remember that much of those documents weren’t written with a political agenda in mind. It’s symbolic. I’m not a fan of the vengeful, angry, jealous God of the OT either. I can give my answer. Epicurus’ statement is simple, yes because it is a logical and rational consideration, not an oversimplification. And this lesson—play well with others—is one that we could all work on at this point in our history together.

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