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The last XKSS I saw at auction was estimated at $13,000,000 to $16,000,000. Only eleven cars survive, now joined by a half-dozen more that you’d be hard pressed to tell from the originals. With Jaguar’s withdrawal from competition at the end of the 1956 season, the company sought to recover some funds by converting a number of unsold D-Types into road-going cars for the public. Nine lucky buyers will soon own a genetically perfect piece of that history, and for a mere $1.3 million, plus the cost of spare wheels and other wear items: Jaguar’s Browns Lane Heritage Workshop will soon create modern versions of those nine stillborn, unfinished XKSS’, built in its factory to original specifications and using old-school processes. Simply stunning in a way that you can only expect from Jaguar. Voluptuous and curvaceous, yet somehow still compact and tightly formed, the XKSS is beautiful in an artistic and mechanical sense. Unique Classics, Replicas and Build Culture, The Cat’s Ass — Track-Prepped Cheetah Replica, Copyright 2020 Rare Car Network. Delivered when new to Montreal, the XKSS took several wins in Canadian sports-car events between 1957 and 1961. Sir William Lyons converted their 16 remaining 'D-Types' to road-going specification for the American market by adding a passenger door, a full-width windscreen and wipers, an exhaust heat shield, side screens, a folding roof, bumpers all round, a luggage rack and rear light clusters. After a full restoration by UK-based Jaguar specialist Pearsons Engineers, the XKSS had its coming out party at the Pebble Beach Concours in 2010, among a reunion class of 12 of the original 16 car. The first cars will be delivered in spring or early summer, and all are spoken for. After over four years of racing, finishing first no less than 12 times, the XKSS retired and spent the next few decades bouncing between both sides of the pond under different ownership.

A walk around the outside of the Lynx shows all the panache of the original XKSS, from the covered headlights up front, to the wrap-around bumper out back. While there are a few options to choose from, this Lynx XKSS recreation on makes a pretty powerful statement for the marque. Driving the Jaguar XE 20d; or, Nine Lives for Diesel. The Amelia Island car changed hands several times, and has been with its current owner for 20 years.

A BaT premium listing, the Lynx is already bid to $220,000, with 12 days remaining. The cylinder head was also massaged slightly and now breathes through three Weber 45 DCOE carburetors. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. The last XKSS I saw at auction was estimated at $13,000,000 to $16,000,000. It’s powered by a 262-hp, 3.4-liter inline six that Road and Track, in its day, credited for a 149-mph top speed. XNF 435 Chassis no. If someone really, really agrees, the XKSS could top the $21.8 million paid for a 1955 Jaguar D-Type in Monterey last summer, an auction record for a Jaguar or any British car. Check Out $10 Million of Porsches Auctioned Off in One Day. For more information on the XKSS, or to view the entire catalogue, visit Gooding & Company in the Classic Driver Market.

The car features an aluminum monocoque chassis with that telltale riveted aluminum bodywork. For one, it’s simply stunning on the eyes. But unfortunately a fire broke out at the factory at Browns Lane, destroying all but 16 XKSS roadsters, making the originals impossibly rare, and ridiculously expensive. Those included actor Steve McQueen’s former car, now owned by the Petersen Automotive Museum. It’s been 10 years since anyone has seen an XKSS offered for sale publicly, and we plan to follow it closely during Gooding & Company’s Amelia Island sale next month, as this may be the last opportunity to see one in the metal for the next decade…. After attending a few tours and concours in both Europe and North America, this dark green Jaguar will be rolling into the limelight at Gooding & Company’s Amelia Island sale on 10 March. RM Sotheby’s sale of 63 cars from the Orin Smith collection generated $31 million Friday on Amelia Island, where the auction house opened its two-day stand in conjunction with the re-scheduled Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. The new model was called the XKSS, and the example on offer by Gooding & Co. is one of just 16 produced (nine unfinished chassis unfortunately perished in a plant fire) and one of just two originally delivered to Canada. For that reason and others, Hoyt said the reborn XKSS' aren’t technically road legal in the United States, where most of the nine cars are headed. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It’ll be interesting to note where the selling price lands on this car, especially compared to this Lynx XKSS from the 1970s sold by RM Sothebys.

But in addition to its beauty, mechanical excellence and exclusive coolness, the XKSS also has an unreal origin story.

That D-Type racer dominated the 24 Hours of LeMans with three consecutive overall wins from 1955 to 1957. Not quite in as big a way as the Lamborghini Countach, but more sophisticated and unique. A luggage rack and leather bonnet straps add traditional appeal, while the 16-inch Dunlop alloys and Vredestein rubber hit the mark perfectly. Kev Riches, the bespectacled Brit who started as an intern at Jaguar in 1974 and now heads the Heritage Department, argues that a replica is a copy of someone else’s design: “We have copied nothing from anyone else. Whilst in the UK in the early ’80s, the car was converted back to D-type specification, with all the XKSS components being put aside for future use. A wood-rimmed wheel is the centerpiece of the cockpit, and the footwells and seats have been modified for taller drivers. It's time to find out what our staff Jaguar lover really knows. Original 1950s Jaguar XKSS was completely unassembled and copied so that a perfect replica could be made.

So what about an XKSS replica then? Let’s not forget the king of cool Steve McQueen owned an XKSS, which he drove at every opportunity. We use cookies to enhance your experience. All rights reserved |, this Lynx XKSS recreation on A black soft top and removable side curtains are included in the sale. $21.8 million paid for a 1955 Jaguar D-Type in Monterey. Based on the D-Type race car, its aluminum monocoque chassis, riveted bodywork and slippery aerodynamic shape were dictated by function, in the most alluring fashion. Technical specifications of Jaguar XKSS Only 16 XKSS cars were made and one of them was owned by famous Hollywood actor Steve McQueen. Now you can buy one for yourself!

one of the six “missing” racers whose serial numbers were handwritten in a leather-bound ledger in 1963 but never built. A five-speed Getrag transmission handles shifting, while a newer Salisbury differential and independent rear suspension handle things out back.

There are few cars on the Earth romanticized as much as the Jaguar XKSS, and if you don’t agree, I'll count you the ways. Jaguar’s latest “continuation cars” will be built with no updates from their romantic, yet more-dangerous era, including a leak-resistant neoprene fuel bladder, rather than a solid tank. Chassis XKSS 716 is described by Gooding & Company as the first XKSS available at auction in a decade, and its in-period competition history and originality (including the frame, body, engine block and cylinder head) will almost certainly enhance the car’s value. Its seven-figure value aside, the car will honor the 60th anniversary of the D-Type’s last LeMans victory. For more information on Lynx and Proteus Jaguar recreations, contact our friend Lawrence Baxter at Bespoke British Sports Cars. So it’s got both performance and good looks on its side, but it’s also become somewhat of a cultural icon. Hence, not a replica.”. The interior is finished in red leather to a high degree without loosing the XKSS character. “It’s a car that’s completely analog, no power steering, no power brakes, just a lap belt inside.”.

1E50912 Engine no. 1967/1988 Jaguar XK SS 3.8-Litre Re-creation Registration no.

But even that Jaguar can’t touch the swoopy majesty of the XKSS. Legendary Jaguar XKSS again in production. Those included the XKSS, an ultra-rare roadgoing sports car based on the D-type. “Even though we’re building 1957 VIN numbers, they’re considered new cars, so it’s like trying to certify a ’57 Chevy to today’s emissions and crash standards,” Hoyt says. First Shelby Cobra Ever Built Breaks Auction Records at Monterey. There’s no doubt we’re looking at a high profile auto here, and they’ll definitely be more bidding to come on this one. “That was pretty hot in 1957,” Jaguar spokesman Nathan Hoyt said. 1957 Jaguar XKSS May Set Auction Record for British Cars Billionaire spring breakers race to the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance to bid on road-going version of Jaguar… When Jaguar retired from racing in 1956, the British company decided to capitalise on the ever-growing market of European sports cars in the United States and produce a new road-going model. Call these time-capsule Brits whatever you like, as long as you call them beautiful. Instead of devoting the time, money, and effort into designing and building something completely brand new, they repurposed the remaining stock of one of their most successful racing models, the D-type. So what about an XKSS replica then? Constructed between 2017 and 2017, this Lynx XKSS is a stunning example of the British manufacturer’s ability. The XKSS was produced following the decision made by Jaguar to pull out of all motorsport at the end of 1955.

Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to tour the Browns Lane workshop and drive Jaguar’s first continuation car on track: A gloriously reborn, handbuilt Lighweight E-Type, one of the six “missing” racers whose serial numbers were handwritten in a leather-bound ledger in 1963 but never built. Jaguar built 16 of a planned 25 XKSS’ before a fire swept through the Browns Lane plant in February, 1957 and destroyed the nine unfinished chassis.

Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. Only eleven cars survive, now joined by a half-dozen more that you’d be hard pressed to tell from the originals.

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