is vexy in smurfs 3

The Smurfs are freed but despite their victory, Smurfette has reverted back to a lifeless lump of clay. Jessica Alba turned down the role for the same reasons.

On May 10, 2012, two weeks after they announced production of The Smurfs 2, Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation were already developing a script for The Smurfs 3 with writers Karey Kirkpatrick and Chris Poche. Sturm voiced Smurfette in the two spinoffs. [31] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 40% based on 97 reviews and an average rating of 4.8/10. Carly: This is the New York Central Station, Clumsy. Carly: No, that my full name, they call me Carly.

[25] a teaser trailer online for August 14, 2016.

Gargamel then tries to turn Smurfette into an evil smurf, only to realize that Smurfette is absorbing his magic powers instead and is sent flying back into the piranha lake alongside Monty and Azrael.

Hi! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Smurfette appears, and deceives Gargamel into believing she wants to be an evil smurf again. [6], In North America, the film opened alongside Going in Style and The Case for Christ and was projected to gross around $16–20 million in the opening weekend from 3,602 theaters. "[32] On Metacritic, the film has a score 40 out of 100, based on 25 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". [24] In March 2015, the release date was pushed back again to March 31, 2017. A reboot of Sony's previous live-action/animated hybrid films, the film was directed by Kelly Asbury from a screenplay by Stacey …

[1] The film introduced the female Smurfs, who appeared in the franchise the following year. All tracks are written by Christopher Lennertz. Gargamel, taking note of the fact that Smurfette is not natural Smurf, leaves her alone in her guilt as she is of no use to him. Back at Smurf Village, the Smurfs make a memorial for Smurfette. When Gargamel plans to capture Smurfette so he can turn the Naughties into real smurfs, he can't fit in the portal so Vexy kidnaps her and she fights Clumsy. Smurf Village and Smurfy Grove rejoice in their new unity. Melissa Sturm as Smurfjade. Gargamel makes it his mission to capture the Smurfs, steal all of their essence, and become the most powerful wizard in the world. Soon, Gargamel, Azrael, and Monty come and destroy Smurfy Grove, capturing every Smurf except for Smurfette during the process.

Vexy and Hackus were the tertiary antagonists-turned-tritagonists featured in the 2013 sequel The Smurfs 2.Vexy and Hackus originally were Naughties created by Gargamel to serve him and his evil purposes, which include capturing Smurfette so that she would give the evil wizard the secret formula that would change the Naughties into Smurfs. Katy Perry who voiced Smurfette in the previous films was invited to reprise her role but decided not to be part of the new film as she was opposed to the idea of her playing a parallel lead to the other female leads even though her lead was more important than the other female voice actors. [8] Since the release of The Smurfs 2 in 2013, two of the Smurfs voice actors from the previous franchise had died, Jonathan Winters[20] who voiced Papa Smurf, and Anton Yelchin, who voiced Clumsy Smurf. [1][7] A reboot of Sony's previous live-action/animated hybrid films, the film was directed by Kelly Asbury from a screenplay by Stacey Harman and Pamela Ribon,[1] and stars the voices of Demi Lovato, Rainn Wilson, Joe Manganiello, Mandy Patinkin, Jack McBrayer, Danny Pudi, Michelle Rodriguez, Ellie Kemper, Ariel Winter, Meghan Trainor, and Julia Roberts. Following a village tour, Smurfette begins to grow accustomed to life in Smurfy Grove, much to the dismay of Hefty and Brainy.

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