famous precast concrete buildings

Helsingin Viuhka is a vivid architectural unity.”, Tarja Merikallio, Managing Director, Concrete Association of Finland, “This is a unique precast structure, the first of its kind in India.

Precast concrete is more than an efficient and durable building solution, it’s an artistic medium. Designed to be long-lasting and environmentally friendly, the building boasts a 5 Star Green Star rating.”, Sarah Bachmann, CEO,National Precast Concrete Association, Australia, “This towering residential building is an impressive landmark in the local district of Vuosaari, Helsinki. “With its unique dome design and precast Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) cladding manufactured by National Precast member Asurco Contracting, this visually stunning building is a landmark for Victoria’s second largest city, Geelong. It’s durability, strength, and sustainability make it the perfect building block for any large structure. The construction is characterised by its roofs, formed by huge precast concrete shells that comprise 1,056,006 V-shaped tiles. Review our privacy policy for more details. The nine-story, state-of-the-art facility is a spectacular addition to the city’s cultural and architectural landscape. The structures of the office complex partly overhang the sea. A lot was demanded of the structural system to meet these strict criteria, and prestressed precast was the most suitable solution. The construction environment posed many challenges and demanded careful planning, design, manufacture, logistics, and assembly.

Felipe Escudero’s trefoil-shaped reinforced-concrete Clover House, constructed in Ecuador in 2012, … Innovative structure design, intelligent use of precast concrete and high-quality execution earned this project the national Concrete Structure of the Year Award in 2016. What makes these buildings exceptional. ’Viuhka’ means ‘fan’ in Finnish, and the beautiful building lives up to its name with its lightweight look.

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The precast concrete elements were manufactured in Lithuania and shipped to Norway. By using this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The structural system is comprised of multi-story precast columns, prestressed beams, precast basement walls, long span prestressed precast slabs with structural topping and CIS shearwalls.”, Sanjeev Pillai, Project Manager, Engineering, Elematic. We asked experts around the world to name outstanding buildings or projects that exhibit great applications of precast concrete – whether those buildings are architecturally beautiful, imaginative, structurally clever, or technically impressive. The building raises the visual profile of the town. Tekla Structures BIM software helped coordinate design, manufacturing, shiploads, and site operations.”, Tero Kautto, Business Development Manager, Precast and Rebar, Trimble Solutions Corporation. The precast concrete framework has an impressive glass facade on top of it, and the L-shaped building is beautifully positioned. The structural engineers also had to consider the area’s seismic activity. Thank you in advance for your time! The spherical structure of the building has been likened to something from Star Wars, a soccer or golf ball and even a “big brain”. “With its unique dome design and precast Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) cladding manufactured by National Precast member Asurco Contracting, this visually stunning building is a landmark for Victoria’s second largest city, Geelong. The apartments are small but functional, and the charming balconies serve as extensions to the living rooms.

The ambitious $45.5 million project is an impressive demonstration of the flexibility of Glass Reinforced Concrete, a strong but lightweight material that saves transport costs and reduces environmental impact. Time and again, architects and artists have turned to concrete to create some of their most significant structures, with precast playing a large part in those creations. Diego Portales University. Famous‌ ‌Precast‌ ‌Concrete‌ ‌ Buildings‌ By Ron Sparks May 13, 2020 Concrete is the most used construction material around the world – by a large margin. The tight schedule demanded good planning and smooth communication between all parties.

The building was demanding to construct since it is located in a relatively snug spot, right next to a metro station. Asymmetrical and geometrically pentagonal or hexagonal precast GRC dome panels were manufactured complete with a secondary steel sub frame and then bolted to the primary structure, to create the domed facade. Exposed concrete slab walls add to the natural feel of these hulking …

The 15,000 m2 building was completed in the exceptional time of one year. “This 11,000-m2 office building serves as a workplace for 600 office workers, but it’s also a shopping center. Requirements for the building were very challenging with long span slabs (12 metres), high loading (15.0 kN/m2, which is 7.5 times residential loading), very high seismic conditions (zone 4) and stringent quality and hygiene requirements from Nestlé.

This week, Permacast looks at two iconic buildings that showcase more than just the material’s enduring strength. Using precast concrete doesn’t make a building boring, and this multidimensional project is a fine example of that. The untraditional balconies make the facade very interesting.

This website uses cookies. Geelong Library and Heritage Centre changes the streetscape of the city.

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