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Why is it that this is not discussed in society but many within our inner circles have stories? The London-based trio released their acclaimed self-titled debut in January 2018, with NME hailing the record as “the most exciting thing you’re going to hear this dreary January, and quite likely all 2018.”.

I’ve come to view it as some kind of beckoning light further down the highway…” —Lizzie Manno, Paul Weller (The Jam, The Style Council) has released his latest of many solo albums, On Sunset. It’s about connecting with your truth after battling; your internal critic, the voices of your inner and outer circles, the public... and stepping out into the storm, pushing others' opinions away to find your own voice. But living in a progressively individualistic and egocentric world it is important to question the places we receive validation and what worth it holds for us. Fire EP by Dream Wife, released 29 September 2017 1.

It’s a dirty banger reappropriating cock rock, turning macho aggression into an anthem of sexual empowerment for womxn. For us, more often than not, it’s the rock show. We found some old badminton rackets in the garden and just started playing.

“Playing sports is great if that’s for you but there are so many other ways to be physical, to be with your body. Close relationships fell apart and others came together; a bright light cast on all the situations, interactions and relationships that had been put on hold during this time. ‘After The Rain’ ends with the conclusion: What a womxn (or any womb bearing individual) chooses to do with their body, their life, is none of anyone’s business except their own. “Taking in smell after the rain.” The song was written at the time the Alabama abortion ban came out last year, also at a time when I took on the role of support for my sister who was going through an emotionally difficult abortion. RH RN ‘So When You Gonna…’ is a heavy hitting, suspense-driven anthem describing the build to getting it off with that cutie you’ve been eyeing up. The band members are slightly less rash, though the songs are still punctuated by angular guitar and Mjöll’s shrieks that would give Poly Styrene a run for her money.

25 Apr – Reading, UK: Are You Listening —Lia Pikus, Toronto indie-folk outfit Little Kid have shared their latest full-length via Brooklyn label Solitaire Recordings. So When You Gonna… From unique and charming houses to mundane condos. It's about letting yourself feel and to acknowledge those feelings instead of sweeping them under the rug.

—Lizzie Manno, Legendary folk/country singer Willie Nelson has released his 70th solo album, First Rose of Spring, at the age of 87.

Premiering on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World tonight (March 10), the energetic ‘Sports!’ explores the group’s inability to sit still following the relentless schedule of their previous tour.

The path then stretches on to the north and to the east to Marmora, a place I’ve never visited but one that I’ve become entranced by. It’s about questioning stereotypical life expectations and figuring out what you want on your own terms. It’s a song for friendship and the importance of raising each other up - “we find divinity in the faces of our friends”, but ultimately you have to foster your sense of self from within. In a world driven by productivity it is easy to get caught up in the past or the future, this can foster huge amounts of anxiety. Simply: go for your own dreams because dreaming is different for everyone.

03 Apr – Paris, France: Louis Vuitton Museum

It is a liberation to return to the present, to right here, right now, to grab the moment, enjoy it for everything it is and acknowledge those who came before us.

06 June – Milton Keynes, UK: Marshall Old Flame 23 Apr – Cologne, Germany: Pop Festival

boygenius—the collaborative project of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker—have released demos from their self-titled 2018 EP on Bandcamp. It features his frequent collaborators Ben Gordelier, Andy Crofts, Steve Cradock, plus Slade’s Jim Lea, The Style Council’s Mick Talbot, Le Superhomard’s Julie Gros, The Strypes’ Josh McClorey, The Staves and more. Check out the full tracklist for ‘So When You Gonna…’ below.
01 May – Liverpool, UK: Sound City Nelson’s previous album, last year’s Ride Me Back Home, won him a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance at the 62nd Grammy Awards.

It explores forms of validation in our society and is a commentary on occupying roles within a community. When you do not know the outcome it can be difficult to speak about, the unexplained mysteries of why some wanted pregnancies come to a halt, but it is important to speak.

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