dalbury electric campervan

Whether you're interested in the versatile Volkswagen Transporter or something luxuriously larger in the form of the VW Crafter, we've got something for everyone! When parked up, the elevating roof provides that all-important standing room.

Hillside Leisure invited me to the launch to take a few photos but when they asked if I would like to take it out, I jumped at the chance! Fitted with a surprising amount of kit and storage, it's perfect for weekend getaways as well as a replacement for your everyday vehicle.

The Dalbury is the ideal campervan for solo travellers or couples seeking a versatile vehicle that can be used as both the daily drive and a campervan. With the pop-top down it’s 1.92 metres high, which is only a tad taller than a modern Range Rover. Chequers House So you’re looking at a campervan that’s as practical and functional as a car but appointed with all the creature comforts needed for a happy camping trip, like a comfy bed, a well-equipped kitchen, a table… yeah, right.

To set it up, simply slot the sturdy leg into a hole in the floor and then position the table on the top. These new Vanworx Danbury conversions will be built typically on the legendary designs of the Danbury Surf and Royale models whilst looking to maintain the values and traditions of Danbury. Danbury’s Ford transit camper van for sale also combine space, storage and comfort, making them very hard to beat. There’s also a reasonable amount of luggage space behind the bench so, if you’re after a daily runner to substitute the SUV, it ticks all the boxes. Danbury’s Ford transit camper van for sale also combine space, storage and comfort, making them very hard to beat. Dalbury E Electric campervan (Image: Hillside). Well, measuring 4.4 metres in length and 1.69 metres wide, it’s about the size of a family estate car. Redesigned for 2020 and the all-new VW T6.1, the Birchover Executive is the pinnacle of style and luxury. It is ideal for beginners looking for their first campervan or for more experience campers looking to transition from used campers to a brand new Volkswagen motorhome. ]��1�w0��gR#�\���r%�Dy4�ǯ�k�̌�� Hillside, can we have some foam or rubber inserts, please? 152 0 obj <>stream There’s a sink with a tap above, and a good amount of workspace to the right of this. The motor, battery charger and inverter occupy the engine bay, which frees up space elsewhere in the compact Dalbury E electric campervan.

It’s designed to be a micro compact camper and cleverly uses all of the space available and although the interior is reminiscent of a traditional VW side conversion, it’s nearly 3 foot shorter and a few inches narrower than a VW Transporter allowing for much easier parking and day to day use.". If you continue to use this site we’ll assume you’re happy to receive all cookies. In the UK, thecost of the e-NV200 campervan begins at £33,995 ($51,500). Once I got over the initial excitement of this being an all Electric Vehicle with all the advantages of zero emission and lower fuel costs my thoughts turned to the campervan conversion. You also get safety and comfort features such as driver and passenger airbags, manual air-conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, a Thatcham-approved alarm system and a colour reversing camera. The Danbury H64, The sleek and stylish darlings of the campervan world that have been TV competition prize offerings. Given the miniscule dimensions of the Dalbury, the driving experience is much like that of a car; thanks to the higher seating position of a van, visibility is better, too.

Everything works seamlessly together, and it must be seen to be believed! ��f1'#v�����6���V�ZlHO)G���u�6\�����U���wϧ���N_�e�1 ���븺ݞ�>�dr��>�y�v���`x�Jnw ���*i�0�)#.Tq9�kZWv0�v�8�肉�t�C�֍g'���hR�)̊Y����d�AO�����ع�ϼcǥ����f+��}�� �"u��������������W�L)q�������w##�I9� e�`{��iրu��\2��Z�����W�@���N�f`GV��\,�����Y2LTP��f*�����FB\ ^"`��G��ȯv����?T��Q�h� f�_n!-��c߻��*\���f��G-[�"t#ⲡa޺����^V�2 As a result of our financial year-end accounts, Danbury are looking to clear off the books, our last remaining, twelve…. Modern, stylish and ready for your next adventure. The Dalbury also comes with the option of being built on the all-electric ENV200, the worlds only fully electric and eco-friendly production campervan, with upto 106 mile range, capability for 80% charge in half an hour with rapid charging, low running costs and an amazingly smooth driving experience. The Danbury Avenir is designed to help you travel in comfort for longer, with an onboard shower and toilet, space for a microwave and other cooking facilities, and plenty of storage. I have two children under 10 and my family have enjoyed touring the South of France as well as many spontaneous long weekends away in the UK. We now supply solar panels and home batteries through our Tanjent Energy brand: Tanjent-Energy.com. There’s not much on the outside to give the “all electric” game away apart from a few chrome badges showing “Zero Emission” and part of me felt it should have a few snazzy graphics hinting at electricity to stand out and be noticed as a pioneer and trend setter – another part of me realised that most owners would probably prefer a low profile. The Hillside EV-1, based on the fully electric Nissan E-NV200, is an extremely versatile and flexible compact campervan with zero emissions and the upgraded 40kw battery. With stylish new designs, innovative use of space and our usual high-quality build, the new VW Crafter campervan has everything you'll need and more. The Hillside EV-1, based on the fully electric Nissan E-NV200, is an extremely versatile and flexible compact campervan with zero emissions and the upgraded 40kw battery. it boasts everything you'd need for a great adventure at a highly competitive price, along with the added safety of full European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In parallel, the current Danbury production facility at Yate has now ceased. While the the whole review can be found here, we just would like to point out that electric campervans could be a perfect solution (plugs are almost always readily available) for those who like to travel to nearby campsites, while doing little to no harm to the environment in which they are overnighting. With 80% quick charge in just 30 minutes and at a running cost of […]

It’s also nice and comfy, and you’re not in danger of waking up with part of a seatbelt wedged somewhere unpleasant. A simple design perhaps, but a very effective one, to say the least.

E-Electric comes complete with an all-important air conditioning system for when you’re holidaying in hotter climates. when you’re camped up. Berths: 2 Operation of the pop-top is pretty standard – it pushes up and down and is secured with ratchet straps when not in use.

To get a digital version of the latest issue of Campervan magazine, click here. Height: 1.92m I own a T5 campervan and use it as my daily driver for getting to work and back, but the main reason for owning a campervan is for family holidays and short breaks.

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Hillside Leisure Ltd.

Above, you’ll find the Sargent control panel, a couple of three-point plugs, a 12V socket and a carbon monoxide alarm. There's even space for a bike on the back, so you can swap four wheels for two as soon as you pitch up.

�����%xԩ/�bkn@���MJ���[ �}��ԛ��n�n(�����x�2�{�?���Q��5�Vp�~Ӱ�Αp,S�BkUc:y����L ��ߩ ����P�����jaV��;�\�&�ͨ�N�3���9:}��}~�/�1Q�j�1�mJ��j�����D��V�F6���El�����uЉҡy��B�%�_�����,�E�'�pFQ1�P ���d#re�+�oOp K�'���"��n#���_���^�U��8��̾�'O�ג1�!�(��ĉ�S�u2ajE:�q�tg�� �z? What is new, however, is that the latest electric Dalbury is now built on the new Nissan e-NV200, which comes with an upgraded battery offering a claimed 173 miles on a single charge. The ECO button adjusts acceleration response to reduce your energy consumption in the Hillside Leisure’s Dalbury E electric campervan, based on the Nissan e-NV200 Combi Acenta. This provides a decent space for mealtimes.

a�u""��w8V����G�Xy��3�[�p���[H,Q6��3q �� ���F6��S�g�4����r�j�a*��xcWb����޳�3��1�6tE� �� @�Y�OQ�}� ���K�pA FbҀ �3�,J��Pfɤ��S �g5}��#U:'0XNB��y֛��U���4�]�Ƈ]f�2�T�vM��@���3�z\(��6�PgLܓQ)���5 %^�;�B( Okay, so this isn’t a new conversion. The Dalbury E – Electric Campervan by Hillside Leisure. The reason for buying a Dalbury is for its petit dimensions so let’s take a look…. Dalbury E Electric campervan (Image: Hillside) On first inspection of the outside I thought the Nissan had a futuristic face with the nose showing an indication of a secret compartment and the colour choice of ‘electric’ blue was spot on. At first glance, the kitchen is of standard fettle when it comes to side kitchen campervan layouts. Chequers Lane Here we extracted a few videos from the review, which provides us glimpses of the converted electric camper: Converted Nissan e-NV200 Dalbury E Electric Campervan Review, https://insideevs.com/news/324582/converted-nissan-e-nv200-dalbury-e-electric-campervan-review/, Tesla Owner: What An Honest Model Y Vs Model 3 Review Should Look Like, GMC Reveals 350-Mile Hummer Electric Pickup Truck: $79,995 To $112,595, Tesla Model Y Efficiency Proves Better Than Model 3 In Winter Testing, Tesla Model S Performance Loses To Ferrari F8 Tributo In Drag Race, Chevrolet Bolt EV Reportedly Catches Fire While Parked In Driveway. Built on 2017's Van of the Year, the VW Crafter provides the Heatherton with some of the very latest specs and technology. And here is the Dalbury E, reviewed recently by campervan owner and blogger Richard Mackney. With a rear galley style kitchen and a fitted toilet, the long wheelbase VW T6.1 campervan provides all of the luxuries that you could want, along with plenty of options and flexibility. Stylish, modern and affordable, the Birchover S is a perfect perfect entry-level campervan based on the cutting edge VW T6.1. We’ve got a great little van to show you today, and theres an added bonus that we think will be right up your street. Affordable campervans with award-winning innovations. Here's our diverse range of high-quality, award-winning VW campervans and motorhomes. A shelf runs all the way around the inside of the camper, providing a handy dumping ground for things like coats, toiletries, books, maps, etc. There’s a nice 39-litre low-energy fridge with a built-in freezer compartment, but above this is where the magic happens…. © 2002 - 2020 Hillside Leisure UK Limited all rights reserved | Company number: 06865708 | Web design and hosting by.

y(a�`� .�K�Z��,4RE��p�8VJ���P}b�9�>��n��?8wRsV�y��v���~K�`$�xE���_�c��U9jaLh�,�:O��Ŏ���n���91A%i@�v"�t�?#'�,z����;A�K��x��˭�2���v/�}��և �� ���]��,�!A yv4�����R߼9 8���+��4p��0���2g��fn~�~o���N�7Zh�1��2_�D}9٩#j��Pw� The Danbury Avenir range of Fiat Continental touring camper vans are built for longer journeys. Making the most of the Nissan's smaller size and Hillside Leisure's expertise and innovation, the EV-1 offers an alternative to the larger VW campervans.

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