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Amazing picture quality and I was thinking that 3d feature is just a plus but I was wrong, Gaming Experience in 3d is amazing on this monitor and I could not explain it in words. 中華人民共和國香港特別行政區 - Hong Kong S.A.R. Instances like browsing the internet or making your home video, users will never miss the most exciting moment. It is VFM and build quality and everything is good. – Comparez AOC C27G1 contre MSI Optix MAG271CR sur The technical styling of the back cabinet with a circular-ring neon light belt, enhanced with vent lines diverging from the center, expresses dynamic performance. Certains moniteurs proposent également des fonctionnalités particulières qui peuvent s'avérer pratiques, comme un pied aimanté pour servir de presse-papier, un joystick pour naviguer dans les menus de l'OSD, etc. Les moniteurs offrent une connectique de plus en plus complète. It not only swivels up to 90 degrees. It can also be easily wall-mounted by folding the base. But AOC does not have many reviews available online.

The AOC AGON 27” Gaming Monitor (AG273) was recognized for its outstanding design. La qualité de l'image d'un écran dépend de plusieurs critères comme le respect des couleurs, le taux de contraste, la linéarité des niveaux de gris (gamma moyen) et la température des couleurs, notamment pour savoir si elles sont neutres. Nice to hear that you enjoy the TV. La définition d'affichage définit le nombre de pixels affichés par un écran. AOC have very good customer care, I am happy that I have not went for Dell.

One slide, three functions: With one swift motion, the sliding stand on the AOC W26SP provides three different functional uses based on its arced shape. Reply. Feel the comfort! Well, for 3D i don't say a word as i know nothing. Hand grip, wall-mount, and as a TV base.

Le G-Sync, le FreeSync et l'Adaptive Sync sont des technologies de rafraîchissement dynamique qui permettent d’éviter le déchirement de l'image (tearing) et les microralentissements (stuttering). Based on this concept, the transparent image of “melting ice” was applied to AOC Ice Drop TV.

the dell IPS is more subdued, but that can be adjusted with settings, since I use my monitor primarily for movies... Thumbs up for AOC. The Studio F. A. Porsche designed monitors stand out from the crowd with their sleek appearance from the back - both the power and the monitor signal run through the stand and are divided in a separate box.

Sélectionnez 2 produits ou plus à comparer. Styling Features: The back of Angelo, supported by an aluminum pole, spreads like a wing. Un moniteur Quad HD (2560 x 1440 px) monte à 3,68 millions de pixels alors qu'un moniteur Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) atteint 8,3 millions de pixels. Plus la résolution est élevée, plus l'image est nette et précise, mais cela demande également plus de ressources au niveau du processeur et de la carte graphique. Angelo series is a revolutionary monitor with mobility, user-interaction, and advanced technology. À partir de 488.9 € (1) Comparer.

I got AOC i2367Fh for 13k, its worth every penny. 2 years and no issues till now!

So I made a complaint to AOC about the issue and they are sending a replacement under DOA. The resulting clean look embodies what a monitor should be all about – the screen. Accept., 27" WQHD/2k/1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor Within 40-45k. The design of this AOC professional monitor is focused on creating a beautiful object, referencing modern furniture trends, able to fit easily into its environment.

Samsung C32HG70.

This immersion is enhanced by the deliberately minimal frontal design details.

Today, science and technology brought about further changes, which give it value both in “practicality” and “artistry”. You must log in or register to reply here. Its application changed from tableware to the decorative arts. Aug 19, 2013 #11 Initially AOC had it own share of troubles, atleast Dell made it a point in telling they were letting go off … Adept. Therefore, most pure 120/144hz monitor use the TN panels. Un moniteur Full HD affiche par exemple une définition de 1920 x 1080 pixels, soit un total de 2,07 millions de pixels. Been using AOC monitors for last 4 years, and recently i bought AOC 32" LED TV and again i am happy with it. Le prix d'attaque d'un moniteur 23 pouces (58 cm) est inférieur à 130 € alors que certains moniteurs 34 pouces se négocient désormais à moins de 400 €.

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