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Based entirely on Gorgious' answer, I've put together an easy-to-use nodegroup. You can also match similar color tones. You can choose among thousands of texture designs for various projects in order to make it look and feel different.

You can find a nice variety of different styles from this collection. I've also been looking around online and in this forum, but the only search terms I can think of are chroma-keying which only results in Compositing results, which I don't believe is what I'm looking for. Like. Ideal for: Party decorations, Cards, Banners, Scrap-booking, Accessories, Birthdays, Blog backgrounds, Embroidery, Textile, Design and much more!

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Filesize 2.64MB. You can find many designs like this one featuring colorful flower designs.

(phew)" Hopefully that's clear! They are perfect for wall art, fabric printing, scrapbook, background and cards.

New vibrant gradient collection is here!

It's similar to Color Range selection in Photoshop.


This pack contains 80 high resolution photographs of amazing color swirls.

Price: Free.

3529*2044 Size:6,599 KB.

6 free hi-res textures (4300 x 6000) with acryl colors from Cruzine Design.

Creating noise in a project can give a fresh and stylish life to it. This is a free colorful backgrounds featuring watercolor-themed designs. Use MathJax to format equations.

@Gorgious Phew! This set comprises of 34 watercolor textures that come in stunning colors to choose from. I received a bunch of good answers that all worked.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This can feature as a decorative element for web sites, blogs and greeting cards while it can make a stunning background for your desktop computer. … Large collections of hd transparent Texture PNG images for free download.

dotstudio. In any case we hope that our guide managed to help you with fresh ideas to use in projects.

Note : "Length" node is a "Vector Math" node with the operation set to "Length".

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Transparent background.

Collect. Why it is important. Transparent mesh with material/texture remains black, Alpha transparency making wall transparent. This time in form of 36 energetic, colorful liquid droplets in different shapes.

Here's an example of "phew" in practice by an American president: I didn't know that. Your previous post had already been removed, mind your attitude. This bundle of texture backgrounds features a stylish watercolor design which are ideal for crafting prints, logo’s, blog headers, packaging & branding materials for web, print and more. 0. Download Texture PNG for non-commercial or commercial use now. linear interpolation, otherwise same node network as 2. monster node network emulating linear interpolation, screenshot would be unusable, check linked blend file.

Red value should be greater than some threshold value and blue value should be greater than some threshold as well so they should be multiplied: In this particular case you probably do not want to use anti-aliasing since it will not work well with this technique, so maybe set interpolation of the texture to "Closest". Vector pink, yellow, green triangle background.

Colorful metallic foil textures. Would it have been possible to launch rockets in secret in the 1960s? Color, Texture mapping, PNG, clip art, transparent background; About this PNG. The goal is to have this value keyed out and transparent. phew! This design can be used as a background for desktop, web sites and blogs while it will also look perfect as a wall poster to gift to your friends. Download. Thanks for the tip ;). 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You can use a "Mix RGB" node set to "Subtract" and invert the resulting mask to get your alpha value. License.

Liquid Backgrounds Texture Collection. This collection features many high-resolution watercolor textures in various shapes, colors, and forms.

Gradient colors give a rejuvenating look for many projects.

I Decided To Add Watercolor Texture In Varying Colors - Illustration, HD Png Download. Free pack of 25 watercolour circle textures, complete in high res 300dpi format for print and PNG versions with alpha transparency. So we have another difference between UK and US.


You can use it for greeting cards and web sites as well as for poster designs. Short Story about Multi-Generational Societal Decay.

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