chevy volt battery life

Kelly did not know if a replacement battery price had been issued yet as everything has been under warranty to date, and no Volt owner has had to buy one. I could have called a dealer to double check, but did not. If they go well-beyond the warranty period – like 10-12 years or longer and well over 100,000 miles – the battery at some point will have probably degraded below its nominal “70-percent” usable life, but it still should have usable life – just not as much.

The Volt was always my dream car! “Partnerships with organizations such as ABB provide real-world applications that prove what we’re doing is real, not fiction,” Bly said. And congrats to Belmer for this amazing achievement. Just look at Prius battery packs, they go for $1000 or less on Ebay. To begin with, the Volt/Ampera battery does not have a “die gene” imposing electrical rigor mortis on a vehicle left in the hands of a hapless owner as soon as GM’s warranty liability period is over. Like.. if the batteries capacity was significantly lower than it should be or does it have to be non-functioning ?

18,588 owners were covered by the settlement. This is a vast amount of knowledge being thrown around here. This year, Amazon Prime Day will be running from October 13th to October 14th, 2020.

Of course all this becomes moot if someone leases the car, and simply turns it back in.

In a warranty situation, dealers may replace modules or whole battery assemblies. You could of course get an aftermarket upgraded pack that has a couple times the range that the Volt has now. How does Belmer manage to rack up so many miles?

I’d buy a Volt for what I like about it right now. Unknown is whether aftermarketers would be in business to offer replacements. Battery costs will come down in time. The Chevrolet Volt and Opel/Vauxhall Ampera represent a new kind of powertrain for General Motors which the company has covered with an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty, but what happens to that expensive battery should it cause issues, or after its usable service life?

Research begun last year by GM predicts that secondary use of 33 Volt batteries will have enough storage capacity to power up to 50 homes for about four hours during a power outage. This would involve reconfiguring the used modules, perhaps into squared shapes for mounting in a box sited at a facility, not merely re-using the entire Volt’s T-shaped pack which is shaped that way to fit the car. Belmer says: Volt is holding up flawlessly! That would be a quick way to find for certain, but my deadline was after hours. Consumer Reports rated the Volt as number one in owner satisfaction at 93 percent, currently placing it above all cars sold today.

“We don’t know that. Unknown is what value a used battery would have if an owner wanted to replace it, or how an owner would be credited or paid for a used battery that still has, say, 69-percent or less usable life in it.

While Volt/Ampera owners may opt in the future to replace their battery because its vehicle propulsion value is below acceptable, again, the used battery is not scrap, and GM is looking into ways to intelligently re-purpose the Volt/Ampera battery.

We just don’t know that. Belmer still believes  that the Volt is  “over engineered times 10!!!”. This 400,000-mile Volt is still sporting its original brake pads.

I sell it for $50. How much something DOES cost is easy to figure out. When exactly that threshold is reached could vary widely depending on climate, and how the vehicle is used – but what it also means is the battery is not useless after its “usable life.”. The 2017 Chevy Volt recently entered production with a larger 18.4 kWh battery pack and an estimated 53 miles of electric driving range.

Additional Info Useful information. I still get 10.5 kWh out of it on a full charge.

The good news is it won’t be an expensive-to-replace dead brick as some critics have implied. Exactly what the most sensible decision will be for a future degraded battery, say, in 2020 is anyone’s guess – including GM’s – but that is why the company is researching and developing several possibilities now. Sweet internet site, super design and style, really clean and apply pleasant.

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