carnal knowledge of a juvenile meaning

Carnal Knowledge Copulation; the act of a man having sexual relations with a woman. It is not required that the hymen be ruptured or the vagina entered. Legal Definition of carnal knowledge : an act of especially illegal sexual intercourse whoever has carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will — District of Columbia Code Annotated also : the crime of committing such an act was charged with carnal knowledge of a juvenile — see also rape

Louisiana law defines the crime as consensual sexual intercourse between an individual who is 17 or older and another individual between the ages of 13 and 16 years of age.

The definition sometimes includes a set of sex acts that include sodomy, while some statut… Penetration is an essential element of sexual intercourse, and there is carnal knowledge if even the slightest penetration of the female by the male organ takes place. While commonly a mere euphemism for sexual intercourse (not necessarily unlawful), different jurisdictions have defined carnal knowledge (as well as sexual intercourse) as a specific sex act such as contact between a penis and vagina, some laws elaborating this to include even "slight penile penetration of female sex organs". Carnal knowledge of a juvenile (commonly referred to as statutory rape) is a criminal offense in Louisiana that can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor. In criminal law, the term has had different meanings at different times and in different jurisdictions.

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