little bill makes kiku cry

The Surprise!/ Good Ol' Lightnin', S4:E9. Little Bill decides he wants to act like a "big kid" when he's home alone with Alice the Great. Little Bill asks what kind of flowers they are. Little Bill asks what he wants to do. Little Bill is worried that he'll never see his furry friend again. It breaks into pieces and the captain sinks underwater. This is the first time where someone does things wrong. Little Bill is an American flash-animated children's television series produced for Nick Jr. Big Bill tells him to find something else to do, that if he makes up his mind, then he'll have fun, and that they'll all look at that shipwreck.

Little Bill continues to cry, and Big Bill tells him that he's sorry and knows that he worked hard on that boat, and hugs him as he sobs. Little Bill tells Kiku not to cry. Kiku says that she wants to play Planting Flowers. Little Bill and Andrew ask what they're doing. Kiku says that it's origami, which is when a person takes paper and folds it into different shapes. Miss Murray comes over and asks what's wrong. It was developed through research and in consultation with a panel of educational consultants. Same Moon, Same Sun, Same Star/ All Together Now, S4:E7. Andrew tells Miss Murray that they wanted to give Kiku a flower so she wouldn't be mad at them. He left the present at school! Kiku says that the buds won't grow into flowers if they are picked off of the bush. Ms. Natsuko notes that it was supposed to be a rabbit, but she admits that it can be a castle. Andrew and Little Bill ask if that's true. Great idea, Shantae! Little Bill glues the captain onto his boat, and now it's perfect. Fuchsia argues that they planted the flowers first. Fuchsia argues that they planted the flowers first.

Kiku shows them that there are buds growing on the bush. The boys promise that they won't. Buds is an episode from season 2 of Little Bill. Fuchsia asks her what she's doing. The family arrives at the park to have some fun. Playing pirates in the schoolyard, Little Bill and his friends meet a new boy, Michael. Miss Murray asks Kiku if she's alright and Kiku says yes. However, Kiku is angrier and asks why they picked the buds off of the bush. Little Bill says that he didn't. The children agree and they run off to play. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Miss Murray says yes and tells her that Little Bill and Andrew feel foolish for what they did. Miss Murray says that the whole bush will have more pretty flowers. The next day at school, Bill apologizes to Kiku and offers to help make a new painting for her. They pretend that they are constructing a building like the construction site next door. Miss Murray's getting married! Andrew asks if cars are. The boys tell Kiku that they are sorry for what they've done. Little Bill says that they couldn't reach the flower so they thought they could give her the buds. Kiku sadly tells Little Bill and Andrew that they messed up her garden. Andrew says he doesn't either. Bobby and April cheer their little brother on as they fly their kite and play basketball. When Friends Get Mad: Little Bill and his friends are painting pictures of Things We Like About Spring to decorate the room's bulletin board. Alice the Great and Brenda note that the kite is nicely made, and the episode ends with Kiku, Little Bill, Bobby, and Big Bill flying their kites in the air. That story is Moby Dick, and it's one of Big Bill's favorite books. They start to pick some of the buds off of the bush. Little Bill doesn't understand why everyone "sides with her," and expects him to apologize! The kids laugh.

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But Little Bill's still sick with Chicken Pox and Brenda tells him that he needs to stay home and rest. The episode ends with all of the children playing and Miss Murray watching them. Fuchsia says that she'll play with her and they go to the sandbox to plant some flowers. Big Bill hopes he'll feel better soon. There are a lot of people there today, and Big Bill prepares the picnic, and starts to cook some hamburgers on the grill.
Little Bill and Andrew start to say the word buds really fast and end up sounding really funny. Andrew says no. Check box if your review contains spoilers, When Friends Get Mad: Little Bill and his friends are painting pictures of Things We Like About Spring to decorate the room's bulletin board. Summertime In The Wintertime/ Snow Racer, S4:E12. She tells Fuschia to call for Miss Murray.

Emmaline, visits and brings her grandson, Monty, a little boy with Cerebral Palsy. Miss Murray says that they aren't either.

Fuchsia says she wants to as well. Bobby thinks the kite looks really cool, and Little Bill tells him that it's a boat kite, and now it can fly. Kiku: Kiku is a Japanese-American friend of Little Bill's. When he gets home, Brenda and Big Bill find out what happened and try to explain to Bill that what Kiku did was an accident, but what he did as on purpose because he was angry. It's playtime in the classroom and Andrew upsets Little Bill by calling him a copycat. Little Bill and Andrew notice that Kiku and Fuchsia planted the shovels in the ground to pretend that they are flowers. As the Snack Helper in school, Little Bill faces a tough decision. Andrew asks Little Bill if he wants to play Construction. Kiku says she doesn't want to.

Little Bill and Andrew pretend that the roses smell very good. They call for Kiku and Fuchsia and then look over at a construction site across the street.

Big Bill tells him to find … It's a good name, but the boat still needs one more thing. In addition, Bill is shown to have hobbies befitting a much younger child than him - including racing worms and flying kites. March 6th, 2001 (France) Little Bill and Andrew realize that Kiku likes buds so they can give her those instead since they can reach them. Little Bill asks Kiku if he wants to come sail it with him. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Little Bill tells Andrew and Fuchsia to dig the holes and then he and Kiku will plant the flowers. Little Bill says that they didn't mean to and that they were playing Construction.
We're off to Super Family Fun Land! Kiku : I'm sorry. Big Bill hopes he'll feel better soon. Kiku says that flowers need to be taken care of. This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 06:48. The Best Book Ever!/ A Ramp For Monty, S4:E3. Little Bill is happy and notes that the boat is sailing. Little Bill runs to get the clay heart he made in class, but finds his bag empty. Kiku and Fuchsia say that they like flowers. Little Bill tells Andrew that they should stick the buds back on the bush. The children ask what will happen. Little Bill shows them the boat that he made, and Kiku asks if he made it all by himself. Little Bill asks about his sneakers. As they climb into the car Bobby sees rain clouds overhead and predicts bad weather. Little Bill is very proud if his painting of a spring day, with flowers and trees in a park, but when Kiku tries to get a closer look, she accidentally knocks over the glass of water used to rinse the paintbrushes, spilling all over Bill's paper, ruining it. Miss Murray says no.

Fuchsia asks what she wants to do. The wind picks up, making the boat sail along the lake's coast. The next day at school, Bill apologizes to Kiku and offers to help make a new painting for her. Andrew and Little Bill promise they won't ever do it again. Kiku and Fuchsia yell at them to stop what they're doing. Fuchsia says that they can't stick them back on. Fuchsia asks the boys if they want to help. Little Bill sees some that they've made, such as a shell, a dog, a flower, and a castle. Kiku asks the boys if they'll ever pick buds off the bushes anymore. Little Bill says that they didn't mean to and that they were playing Construction. Miss Murray asks everyone what they are doing and asks if it's the silly club. Our fall TV preview concludes with a comprehensive guide to the new and... 2013 Fall TV Preview: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Season's New and Returning Shows. This is the only episode on Season 2 where Fuschia shouts for Miss Murray. Big Bill insists that it looks strong to him, and Little Bill looks it over and asks him the story about a big whale and a boat. The episode begins with the children still at school. Little Bill asks him to come sail his boat with him, but he must get the hamburgers ready, and then he'll come out and help him. Little Bill Episode Guide Cartoon Characters: Little Bill Glover, Big Bill Glover, Alice the Great, Brenda Glover, Bobby Glover, April Glover, Kiku Natsuko, Mrs. Shapiro. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She was voiced by Eunice Cho and later Emily Cleckner.

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