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Alchemist's Refuge and Emergence Zone might be fun picks. I like cards like [card]Brainstorm[/card] and Top in these sorts of decks, because it helps you set up the next several turns, which is important because you often have to spend every mana perfectly. Conditional card draw is neat, but I think deck building could be opened greatly just by giving white cards that say "Draw cards". Step one is knowing what’s important, which is answering the opponent’s [card]Deathrite Shaman[/card], which will otherwise run away with the game because we don’t have a fast Delver hand. A wheel makes all players discard their hands and draw cards, but you can prevent your opponents from drawing with Narset, Parter of Veils and Notion Thief. $1.04, As low as: Part of not taking up too much time when [card]Brainstorm[/card]ing is knowing what’s important. If you are such a player, don’t get intimidated!

See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. by Coumie, Ultimate FC combo cEDH - The First Sliver They also let you run more basics so you can make sure Daze is live more often which you max out on. 2: The opposing critical turn might impact when you cast [card]Brainstorm[/card]. 0.05 - 999.99 Now that we’ve fetched Tropical Island, we can cast our [card]Ponder[/card], which sees [card]Daze[/card], [card]Force of Will[/card], [card]Wasteland[/card] for a quick shuffle (drawing [card]Wasteland[/card]). This is SUPER nitpicky, but Path of Ancestry doesn't feel like a good fit here. If you spend 1 card and remove 2 cards on the board, you have just gained +1 card advantage. 365 likes. White has board wipes for creatures, artifacts, enchantments, and even a couple that impact cards in hand. It’s hard to calculate how long you can wait based on the opponent’s pressure. I’ve stressed this already, but one of the many reasons people mess up [card]Brainstorm[/card] is because the card serves different functions in different decks.
Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. This is why Ancestral Recall is a $3000 card, even though it does the same thing as Concentrate just at a cheaper mana cost. In your hands, the card has transcended above a mere cantrip, imitating the best draw spell of old. Second: White does have card advantage, but most of it is addition by subtraction. His opponent went for it on his turn three, my buddy cantripped a few times to find a [card]Force of Will[/card], then lost to a [card]Daze[/card]. Can I cast an instant spell in response to Arjun, the Shifting Flame's ability.

Your ramp might need a little more focusing between the auras, dorks, and rocks. Brainstorm. Sometimes, especially post-board, you want to be patient, find a discard spell (like if you suspect a [card]Surgical Extraction[/card]), and wait for that second land drop. Without that knowledge, you won’t be able to play any card accurately, much less [card]Brainstorm[/card]. With one of these cards in your control then your opponents don't draw cards after they discard their hands. So you sit back, relax, and wait until your land drops are spent. Card Text: Draw three cards, then put two cards from your hand on top of your library in any order. The only time [card]Brainstorm[/card] requires a tank is for deep calculation, setting up complex lines over several turns. Cipher Whispering to Kess and then when she does combat damage to an opponent everyone wheels their hands for no mana cost to you. We're sorry, we are unable to process your feedback at this time. What’s your favorite [card]Brainstorm[/card] story? Never got a notification for this for some reason hmmmmm.. I think that the color pie has been used for a long time by a designer I don't care for (cough Mark Rosewater cough) to justify lazy design because he doesn't like to imagine settings further away than Limited.

If you want to run more generic good stuff you splash green and snowlands and consider playing Oko and Icefang and Assassins Trophy/Abrupt Decay. Legacy newcomers might jam it turn one instead of waiting for a shuffle effect, not realizing that by redrawing one of the cards, they’re diluting the [card]Brainstorm[/card]’s effectiveness. by ThreadbareGoblin, Kess, Wheels Obviously neither situation is guaranteed, but they're consistent enough that I prefer their larger raw card draw. Mizzie, the Spellslinger $0.06, As low as: If our first turn [card]Ponder[/card] doesn’t get us there, we’re going to need to cast a second cantrip on turn two. That being said, I think you should cut Tidal Barracuda for similar reasons. [draft]brainstorm[/draft] [card]Brainstorm[/card] is miscast in a variety of ways. When you look at Vintage decks, the vast majority of them include blue, and rarely white (the most white deck being Thought Knot Seer stax, relying on eldrazi mana base and splashing white for pretty much just Thalia). Mana Drain, Force of Will, Force of Negation and Delay are all ridiculous counter spells. I know that it’s one of the few mistakes I still catch myself making with RUG on a regular basis, usually with an early [card]Delver of Secrets[/card]. Legacy newcomers might jam it turn one instead of waiting for a shuffle effect, not realizing that by redrawing one of the cards, they’re diluting the [card]Brainstorm[/card]’s effectiveness. Dying with good cards in your hand is the surest sign that you did something wrong, somewhere. RUG needs to interact on turn one forward, but it never really takes control of the game at a specific point. Caleb burst onto the Magic scene with a Top 8 finish at GP Columbus 2010, piloting an innovative deck which first showcased the overwhelming power of Survival of the Fittest and Vengevine.
16 if you are going lower to ground tempo.

We draw a redundant [card]Daze[/card] and fire off [card]Brainstorm[/card], drawing [card]Delver of Secrets[/card], [card]Lightning Bolt[/card], and [card]Tarmogoyf[/card].

The older version of The Fix involves holding your [card]Brainstorm[/card] until you need a specific reveal for your [card]Counterbalance[/card] trigger. As such, we’re going to be cantripping to find a burn spell.

That is what every deck plays at least 3-4 copies of each. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. It may give you any color you need, but the coming in tapped bit would make me steer clear. The problem was, his opponent spent the first turn or two cantripping while my buddy held his [card]Brainstorm[/card]s, patient-like, until he could fetch immediately afterwards. Perhaps they’ll jam it when their hand is already full of cards they want, lacking prospects to shuffle away. Delver already has a high chance of flipping, it’s a vulnerable threat that might just die anyway, and casting a higher-value [card]Brainstorm[/card] has a huge impact on the game. Preordain, Brainstorm, and Opt may not look like much but they all drastically increase consistency without breaking the bank. Legacy veterans face a different set of problems. :^). Conspiracy. The reason this matters is because it relates to timing. If you want to run Retrofitter Foundry you run Ornithopter and 4 copies of Outcast to turn into 4/4s. With the current board state, I like shuffling away the [card]Wasteland[/card], and [card]Delver of Secrets[/card] has the dubious honor of “most likely to eat a [card]Lightning Bolt[/card]” in the Jund matchup, so those are what I’d put back. Exotic Orchard could replace Promenade. With RUG, I’ve had multiple games where my deck had no more fetchable lands, but I kept drawing fetchlands. This was post-board, however, and I knew I had three [card]Submerge[/card]s to draw into. $2.29, As low as: Privacy statement | You might consider Brazen Borrower. On your turn you draw a third fetch. Duals help but you don't need them. Think about it for a second. MTG Power; Phyrexian Arena - Foil $0.00 cash $0.00 credit This is really what people mean when they say "White doesn't have good card advantage". If you could graph a format’s critical turn, your deck would be a single dot. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander As it was, even the [card]Brainstorm[/card], one of the more complicated cards in the format, was relatively easy to execute. Signs point to firing it off. It’s turn one, you have plenty of mana, and you can kill the opponent if you hit a reanimation effect. As low as The decision is totally up to you though because it isn't necessarily a bad card, but just keep in mind I'm really finicky when it comes to mana coming in tapped lol. The cheap disruption combined with mana denial allows the deck to interact at any stage of the game. I once had a game against Elves where he tutored for an early [card]Elvish Archdruid[/card], which got in some serious damage before I stuck a [card]Thrun, the Last Troll[/card]. Sometimes, being able to force a card is so important that it’s correct to earmark a blue card (say [card]Brainstorm[/card]) early on in the game. Against [card]Omniscience[/card] I had a [card]Counterbalance[/card] in play and a Counterspell, [card]Brainstorm[/card], and Force in hand. Over the turns I was able to formulate a plan, and I held back [card]Eternal Witness[/card] when I drew it. Some decks have a much more gradual critical turn than average, trying to stretch the play out over some indeterminate number of turns. Dropping 1000 1000/1000 Oozes or Wurms on your turn is certainly good, but even better would be your opponent's end step. Given how the decks that may of once played it now have access to 1 mana and 2 mana draw 2s with less downside it just has been meta and power creeped out. I'd lean more into giving white a handful of small cantrips in the 1-2 mana range. ChannelFireball - Magic: The Gathering Strategy, Singles, Cards, Decks.

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