bmw china factory

Since its establishment, the Joint Venture has steadily expanded its local R&D activities and competencies and built up its R&D facilities. Detroit MI  48207-2997 Industry 4.0 technology: self-learning x-ray quality inspection is self-adjusting the areas of interest to ensure the supply of zero defect products to the customer. Logistics schedule, receive, store and move both components machined at the engine plant along with many bought-in parts to ensure a consistent flow of engines is built. In addition, the ergonomic swiveling units can rotate at the maximum of 90 degree angles so that the assembly staff can work in a very comfortable environment. Battery factory in Shenyang. Tesla TSLA.O is aiming for more than 500,000 cars a year by building a new factory in Shanghai. Having integrated an energy recuperation system at the rolling road test station, recuperated energy is transferred to the plant grid. Plant Dadong has integrated the latest and advanced production, logistics, and quality management system of BMW Group, the Extension Project is enabling that the new structures are prepared and equipped for Industry 4.0. The application of advanced and Industry 4.0 technologies means the Center sets new standards for HVB production in China. In January, 2016, the new plant officially has opened. BBA will shortly open its High Voltage Battery Center II, which will be the first location worldwide to produce BMW’s fifth-generation power battery. Dadong plant has the honor to become the first batch of "National Green Plant" and has received this award every year, and passed the Energy Management System ISO50001:2011 certification. 1155 Gratiot Avenue The expanded facility will help BMW produce 150,000 EVs a year in China… Press Shop as the first step of vehicle manufacturing process, adhering to the vision of driving excellent manufacturing, realizing zero defect quality, supervising of the supplier and responsible for customer, providing quality, perfect, zero defect products and services all the time. Earlier this month, Great Wall gained domestic regulatory approval for the new plant. For example, the overall length of laser welding is 28.4 meters and laser welding on aluminum parts enables more accurate and tight with smaller welding seam, generate stronger body in white, so as to decrease wind noise and improve interior quietness. World-leading test systems of internal combustion engines are used. The Wi-Fi Andon system can help associates achieve wireless voice communication, and easy to get quality information. The most successful and the best-selling BMW model in China, the BMW 5 Series Li is made at Plant Dadong. The use of Ball Welding strengthens the connections of welding spots and decreases costs and saves time. The paint shop is a major lever in resource conservation at Plant Tiexi. The paint shop comes with Integrated Paint Process (IPP) technology, and projected area in paint shop is small for building’s energy saving. Quality Performance Test Centre——Strong backing to supreme quality. *Reduced admission fee with relevant proof: students, senior citizens over 60, or soldiers. Body Shop use BMW advanced automotive technology, to provide customers a safe, high quality car body with efficient, intelligent modern production line. For the production of the crankcase the foundry boasts world's advanced smelter, which can reduce the energy consumption. With a wide range of new R&D facilities added by BMW Brilliance, China is the BMW Group's largest R&D Center outside of Germany, and further equips BBA for future growth. The new facility will help to improve the capability of developing and verifying the entire process, including HVB, E/E, mechanical design and other functions, and provide the technical guarantee for the successful launch of BMW Brilliance's increasingly NEV product-line. BMW will start production this month of the first battery-powered Mini at its factory in Oxford, England. The Center encompasses battery R&D, production and testing in one location. On top, a statistical amount of engines is also tested with fuel in the performance test center (fired engine). Through the upgrade of its local capabilities, the BMW Brilliance R&D center is in an even stronger position to attract international expertise and foster local talent. Celebrating the official opening on 24th May, 2012, the fully-fledged plant includes all workshops needed for the car production occupying an area of more than two square kilometers. Industry 4.0 doesn’t mean that machines can replace human, instead, it means machines can better support human in work, to reduce the repeatable and heavy workload, improve convenience in operation, offer staff more skills and explore more creativity of human. And during the high-pressure washing, the burr in the hole will be clear away. BMW is following the footsteps of larger peer Volkswagen VOWG_p.DE, which is readying two Chinese factories to build electric cars next year, and which will have a combined production capacity of 600,000 vehicles. BMW's development boss, Klaus Froehlich, said Great Wall was a good local partner because of its expertise in electromobility and industrialization in the Chinese market. Producing zero defect engines for our customers at all times is what the assembly facility is designed to do. Sign up and get the best of Automotive News Europe delivered straight to your email inbox, free of charge. 3D printing can shorten the development and ordering time of small-volume and tailor-made tools, satisfying the demands of load curve for special tools and realize complicated design. Highlights in machining shop include: A robust and flexible production process means BBA can achieve faster product launches while delivering a battery product that combines optimal safety, durability and performance. An integrated process management (IPM) system for quality management leverages big data to trace battery cells and processes through production, including information as detailed as tightening torque. 18 kinds of joining technologies are used for the new model (All new 7th generation 5 series). Since the establishment of the plant, a sound environment and energy guidance system has been established, with senior management participating in management and setting goals, inter-departmental collaboration, and continuous efforts to reduce the energy consumption of Dadong's single production. By use of a unique wire arc spraying technology (LDS) patented by the BMW Group, an innovative coating technology for the production of cast-aluminum crankcases has been introduced: The cylinder faces of all crankcases are coated with a wafer-thin layer of iron particles applied in liquid form. The RoDip process revolves the body 360° on its own axis during the dipping process, takes less space, consumes less chemicals and decreases pollution. Up to 16 joining technologies are used for car body, including advanced laser welding, ball welding, and riveting etc. The newly added PVC weld bead gluing technology further improves tightness, acoustic optimization, imputrescibility and flexibility. Great Wall gained domestic regulatory approval for the new plant earlier this month. Assembly production line features leading technology and high efficiency and flexibility, enabling individualized manufacturing and flexible production of several models. With overall scale increasing to more than 40,000m2, a five-fold increase from the original construction, the company's R&D strength has reached a new high level. representatives from Great Wall as well as the local government at a ceremony on Friday to mark the new venture. Due to prospective talent cultivation system, our products can be guaranteed with strict quality standards of BMW Group. Through the process of blanking, drawing, trimming, flanging, shaping, punching and other processes, according to demand we provide sufficient quality steel / aluminum products to Body Shop on time. is aiming for more than 500,000 cars a year by building a new factory in Shanghai. Applying a new technology, the car body can now dip into the tank vertically by rotating over an axis. The new plant utilizes industry leading 6-stage servo press line with total pressing force of 10,300 tons, and it can press metal materials such as high-strength steel and aluminum. World-leading low pressure die casting technology brings high yield, excellent control of operative parameters, good metallurgical and technological quality. A scientific logistic system plays an important role in modern car manufacturing nowadays. The new joint venture Spotlight Automotive, will be based in Zhangjiagang near Shanghai and eventually employ 3,000 staff. Automakers and suppliers are scrambling to meet tough new Chinese quotas for less polluting cars. The 650 million euro ($716 million) plant is due for completion in 2022. An engineering workshop and an office building opened in September2016 and early 2017 respectively. Battery factory in Shenyang. Production processes are highly automated and self-correcting machinery ensures each component being machined to an exact specification. This results in a lower internal friction in the engine and less fuel consumption with reduced engine weight. Optical checking is enabled by 3D cameras that detect abnormal trends in welding and foil application, verify and optimize welding quality, and flag potential quality defects. The raw cylinder material is provided by our own workshop. BMW Brilliance R&D Center features state-of-art facilities and is capable of complete vehicle testing. Further highlights are: Direct connection of melting and casting by underground conveyer system with no losses of temperature and increased safety. The Dadong Plant has established a reclaimed water reuse system, which uses the reused reclaimed water for production and auxiliary systems, greatly reducing the consumption of water resources. A statistical amount of engines undergoes a rigorous dynamic test up to 50 hours after which they are inspected and analysed to ensure the BMW quality standard has been met. Construction of the first phase of BMW Brilliance R&D Center began in 2012 and it opened in 2013. In the second stage, battery modules are mounted together with connections, control units and cooling units in an aluminum housing to form a complete HVB pack. This production process has two decisive advantages: first, standardized battery modules mean that properties and quality standards are uniform, forming the basis for a wide variety of electric drive variants. Furthermore, BBA is helping to strengthen and promote the fast development of China’s NEV battery industry by providing technical support to local suppliers for large-scale industrial production. Plant Dadong has been under expanded construction with the expanding of the market, and the construction of a new plant in the northeast began in 2014, which boasts complete four processes, and it’s officially opened on May 19th, 2017, focusing on the production of all new generation of BMW 5 Series Li.

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