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Fans can learn more about "The Sound of Music" by visiting The captain and Maria decide that the family must leave Austria that night. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Herr Zeller, the head of the local Nazi organization, is probably the least likeable character in the whole film—he even has the bad guy pencil mustache to go with his nasty attitude. Mother Abbess (Reverend Mother) (Peggy Wood), Franz and Frau Schmidt (Gil Stuart and Norma Varden). He allows them to escape but then calls out that he has seen them. This classic film will be celebrating its 55th anniversary in March of 2020. Studios: Robert Wise Productions and Argyle Enterprises, Music: Irwin Kostal (score); Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II (songs), Christopher Plummer (Captain Georg von Trapp). Its breathtaking photography and its many memorable songs, among them “My Favorite Things” and the title song, helped it to become an enduring classic. "The Sound of Music" was directed and produced by Robert Wise, with a screenplay by Ernest Lehman, adapted from the stage musical with music and lyrics by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, and book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Noted “ghost singer” Marni Nixon made her on-camera debut in the movie as Sister Sophia. with a double major in Spanish and in theatre arts from Ripon College. The only one in the area not flying the Third Reich flag.

The book’s first film treatment was the West German movie Die Trapp-Familie (1956; The Trapp Family). But only because that's what I want. After her return, the baroness and the captain break off their engagement, and the captain and Maria admit their love for each other.
While Max is rehearsing the children for the Salzburg Festival, Rolfe gives Liesl a telegram to give to her father upon his return. The captain and baroness return with their friend Max Detweiler (Richard Haydn), catching Maria and the children in a rowboat on the lake behind the house, which they overturn when they see the captain.

Max suggests that he enter the children in the upcoming Salzburg Festival, but the captain refuses. The Sound of Music, which takes place during the late 1930s, opens on a sweeping view of the Austrian Alps and a young woman, Maria (played by Julie Andrews), singing. He mocks the captain's refusal to admit that Austria is about to become part of Germany. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The captain, displeased, fires Maria, but, when he hears the children singing for the baroness, he changes his mind. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. "But only because that's what I want." The nearly three-hour-long movie was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won five, including those for best picture and best director. But we have dealt with that. Horrified, Maria packs and returns to the abbey.

The Nazis follow them there, and they hide among the catacombs. Zeller communicates the Reich's plans to have the captain take a commission in the German naval forces. It will demonstrate that nothing in Austria has changed. Just in case the captain gets any ideas that he changed Zeller's mind.

He does agree to host a ball, however.

The captain tells them that they are on their way to perform in the Salzburg Festival, and the Nazis escort them there.

HERR ZELLER: You will sing.

However, Nazi troops led by Herr Zeller (Ben Wright) catch them pushing their car away from the house. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The movie had its genesis in the memoir The Story of the Trapp Family Singers (1949), by Maria Augusta Trapp. After dinner the eldest, Liesl (Charmian Carr), sneaks out to meet with Rolfe (Daniel Truhitte), a telegraph messenger.

As governess to his seven unruly children, Maria soon finds herself falling for their father. Then, after the Anschluss (or annexation) has indeed occurred as predicted, Zeller takes it upon himself to hang the Nazi flag outside the captain's house while Georg and Maria are on their honeymoon.

Maria’s warmth and kindness quickly win the children’s affection. Although The Sound of Music met with mixed reviews, it was an immediate and lasting hit with audiences, largely on the strength of the performance of Andrews, who had won the Academy Award for best actress for her role as the title character of Mary Poppins (1964). She has a B.A. © 2020 Shmoop University Inc | All Rights Reserved | Privacy | Legal. Now, if you will all get into your car. Throughout the broadcast be sure to follow along with The Sound of Music's Facebook, Twitter (@SoundofMusic), and Instagram (@SoundofMusic) accounts for the chance to win some great prizes, including a grand prize trip to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. What's New on BroadwayHD for October 2020?

The following day the captain leaves on a trip to Vienna. Based on the real-life von Trapp family, who fled their home to escape the Nazis in 1938, Maria is a young woman who has left the Austrian convent to work for Navy captain Georg Von Trapp. Which of these films did Tom Cruise not star in?

At the abbey, the Mother Abbess tells Maria that she cannot hide from her feelings and must return to the von Trapps. After the family performs, they escape to the abbey. The children are miserable without Maria, and the captain tells them that he and the baroness are to be married. Herr Zeller (Ben Wright) When every sentence you speak starts and ends with "Heil Hitler," you're just not going to be the life of the party. Updates? Zeller can't stand it when he attends a ball at Captain von Trapp's and sees the Austrian flag prominently displayed.

When she arrives to take up her post, she learns that the captain requires military discipline from his children (ranging in age from 5 to 16) and expects the same from Maria. She tries to explain herself to the Mother Abbess (Peggy Wood), who tells her that she is to take up a position as governess to the seven children of the widowed former naval officer Captain Georg von Trapp (Christopher Plummer). HERR ZELLER: Heil Hitler. The von Trapps flee in the caretaker’s car, which the Nazis are unable to follow because two nuns have sabotaged their cars. Celebrate the Oscar®-winning classic by singing along to popular favorites such as "Edelweiss," "My Favorite Things," "Climb Every Mountain," "Do-Re-Mi," "Sixteen Going On Seventeen," "The Lonely Goatherd" and of course, "The Sound of Music.". You will all sing.

I've come from Captain von Trapp's house.

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Rolfe, who is with the Nazi troops, spots them. And when you have finished singing, you, Captain von Trapp, will be taken to Bremerhaven.

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