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This was followed by another 'sports' model, the Range Rover Sport, at 77,847 units. In 1983 and 1984, the long and the short wheelbase Land Rovers were finally given official names – the One Ten, and the Ninety respectively, and together they were badged the Defender models in 1990, after the 1989 introduction of the new Discovery model.

Special Vehicle Clubs – At various times Land Rover have produced vehicles for specific events or on a specific theme, most notable are the Camel Trophy and G4 Challenge vehicles which have been sold on to the general public, and a range of Defenders that were loosely based on the custom vehicles produced for the Tomb Raider motion picture. 3,258 cc V8 Petrol: The ex-Buick all alloy V8 engine appeared in the Range Rover right from the start of production in 1970, but did not make its way into the company's utility vehicles until 1979. [49], Integrated Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) technology, dubbed e-terrain technology,[50] will allow the vehicle to move off without starting the engine as well as supplying extra power over tough terrain. Single Marque Clubs – Bring together owners of a specific model or series of vehicle such as the Land Rover Series One Club,[61] or the Discovery Owners Club.

A range of features that keep youconnected to your vehicle. A small number was manufactured, and they were used by Ghana, among others.

Ford acquires the Rover trademark from BMW, who previously licensed its use to MG Rover Group, 8 May 2007: 4,000,000th Land Rover rolls off the production line, a Discovery 3 (LR3), donated to The.

In October 2018 JLR openend a new plant in Nitra, Slovakia to build the Discovery,[39] and are now also building the 2020 Defender there. Registered in England No: 1672070. In 2006 Ford also purchased the Rover brand from BMW for around £6 million.

It provides digital content - via your Android device - helping you to familiarise yourself with its features, functions and capabilities.

Dedicated military models have been produced such as the 101 Forward Control and the air-portable 1/2 ton Lightweight.

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Range Stormer – Land Rover's first concept vehicle, unveiled at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, later became the Range Rover Sport.

Worldwide sales of Land Rover tripled from model year 2008/'09 to 2014/'15 (from almost 130,000 to some 385,000 units), to peak at a further 10% higher in '15/'16 and '16/'17, and have since slid by some 100,000 (to 320,000 units) in 2018/'19.

All genuine parts are also covered, and your service record will be updated. [67] Bill later created email lists in the mid 1990s for Range Rovers (RRO) and various regions (e.g., UK-LRO, AU-LRO, ZA-LRO, EU-LRO, IT-LRO, NL-LRO). The goal of this project is "to create self-propelled cars-robots that are able to independently navigate off-road in all weather conditions.

In 1981, the colour scheme was changed to green with yellow stripes. Customer deliveries of Plug-in-hybrid models will begin in Spring 2021. Search 26 listings to find the best deals.

Both Land Rover and out-of-house contractors have offered conversions and adaptations to the basic vehicle, such as fire engines, excavators, 'cherry picker' hydraulic platforms, ambulances, snowploughs, and six-wheel-drive versions, as well as one-off special builds including amphibious Land Rovers and vehicles fitted with tracks instead of wheels.

As 'Land Rover' became established as a brand, the 'Series' indication later became a retronym model name. [64] Other than ALRC and the short lived Association of North American Rover Clubs (ANARC), which was created 1998 to celebrate Land Rover's 50th anniversary and disbanded in 2001, other groups of Land Rover clubs have affiliated with each other. Regional Clubs in the UK break down into two groups, competitive and non-competitive. In California members of the LRO list created mendo_recce in 1995.[68]. We've detected you're not using the most up-to-date version of your browser. By 1990, there had been more than 1,000 produced. The benefits of Land Rover Assistance are available throughout the new vehicle warranty period.

[17][18] On 1 January 2008, Ford formally declared that Tata was the preferred bidder.

Highly modified Land Rovers have competed in the Dakar Rally and won the Macmillan 4x4 UK Challenge almost every year, as well as having been the vehicle used for the Camel Trophy. II Discovery.

2,625 cc Petrol, inlet-over-exhaust: Borrowed from the Rover saloon range, in response to demands from mid-1960s Land Rover users for more power and torque. Model-by-model road accident statistics from the UK Department for Transport show that the Land Rover Defender is one of the safest cars on British roads as measured by chance of death in two-car injury accidents. Starting with the series I Land Rover, all models in this era featured sturdy box-section ladder-frame chassis. These engines lasted beyond the end of Series III production and into the first couple of years of the new Ninety and One Ten ranges.

BMW was then responsible for much of the development of the Range Rover III — the first to have a monocoque structure and independent suspension, introduced under Ford in late 2001.[16]. Bill Caloccia[65] created the original Land Rover Owner[66] email list (LRO) as single marque offshoot of the British Cars email list in May 1990.

Before we service or repair your Land Rover, we perform a complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC).

The Land Rover is used by military forces throughout the world.

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[41] As of 2015, the company continued to expand by building locally in India as well as increasing the number of models made at JLR’s Chikhali facility near Pune to include the Discovery Sport and Evoque. Other four-wheel-drive vehicles scored equally highly, and collectively these vehicles were much safer for their passengers than those in other classes such as passenger cars and MPVs. The transition to BMW ownership only just preceded introduction of the second generation Range Rover, prior to launching Land Rover's first unibody model, the Freelander in 1997. Constant steering adjustment may be required if the tyre pressures are … In 2006, the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire club were the pilot licensees for the new agreement, who now benefit from a reciprocal arrangement where their own logo is trade marked[70] and owned by Land Rover and they can refer to themselves as a 'Land Rover Approved Club'. [74], "Land Rover Ltd." redirects here. [25], On 1 January 2013, the group, which had been operating as two separate companies (Jaguar Cars Limited and Land Rover), although on an integrated basis, underwent a fundamental restructuring. The Land Rover Tangi was built by the Royal Ulster Constabulary's own vehicle engineering team during the 1990s.

The electric vehicle was developed for research purposes following successful trials of the Defender-based electric vehicle, Leopard 1.

[53] An ERAD will enable the car to run on electric power at speeds below 20 mph (32 km/h).[54].

Use of the Rover V8 engine in Land Rovers also ended with the replacement of the mk. Since 2010, Land Rover have also introduced two-wheel drive variants, both of the Freelander, and of the Evoque, after having built exclusively 4WD cars for 62 years. From then on, only the Defender continued on Land Rover's traditional since 1948 underpinnings. Charges are transparent and your vehicle is repaired under warranty if appropriate. TOW or M40 recoilless rifle) / Surface-to-Air Guided Weapons or machine guns; ambulances and workshops. It’s well worth choosing a Land Rover service plan to suit your needs, to guarantee Land Rover expertise and a fully protected warranty. [26], Jaguar Land Rover manufactures Land Rover cars in plants in five countries. Series and Defender models have also been armoured. Whether you take regular trips in start-stop city traffic, or longer journeys on the motorway, make an informed decision about your next vehicle with 5 quick questions.

They could be collapsed completely flat, with wheels removed in seconds. They were originally 109-inch (2,800 mm) wheelbase models with an armoured body and a turret from the Ferret armoured car. Land Rover as a company has existed since 1978. Personalise your Land Rover with a wide range of accessories specifically designed for your model, and manufactured to the same standards as your vehicle.

Land Rover Explore R Phone .

All labour and parts costs associated with the scheduled service are included with the cost of the plan. Land Rover clubs break down into a number of groups of varying interests.

Various Land Rover models have been used in a military capacity, most notably by the British Army and Australian Army. The vehicles were fitted with among other gear a sun compass, machine guns, larger fuel tanks and smoke dischargers. Two more models immediately followed: the Land Rover XCB V-20, aimed primarily at younger riders (children); and the Land Rover XCB D-26, also available as the M26 with hydraulic rim brakes, front suspension and suspension seat pillar. The bicycle, called the Land Rover APB and manufactured by Pashley Cycles of Stratford-upon-Avon,[71] was the collapsible version of Pashley Cycles' Moulton APB (All Purpose Bicycle) model, with leading link front suspension and adjustable damping and stroke. [21][22][23][24] Included in the deal to buy Land Rover and Jaguar Cars were the rights to three other British brands: the Daimler marque, as well as two dormant brands Lanchester and Rover. Choose specialised carrying accessories, including roof racks, to suit your lifestyle, and optimise Land Rover’s towing capability with the right equipment.

The company published the Land Rover Owners Club Review magazine for members from 1957 to 1968 when the club became the Rover Owners Association. In 2000, Rover Group was broken up by BMW and Land Rover was sold on to Ford Motor Company, becoming part of its Premier Automotive Group. An adaptation of Land Rovers to military purposes is the "Pink Panther" models.

It measures fuel, energy consumption, range and emissions. Power take-off (PTO) was integral to the Land Rover concept from 1948, enabling farm machinery and many other items to be run with the vehicle stationary.

This is designed to provide figures closer to real-world driving behaviour. The iGuide app is a virtual guide and digital owner’s manual for your new vehicle. Few clubs outside of the UK are affiliated with ALRC. For the 1948–1985 Land Rover model, made by the Rover Company, see, "Joint Venture, Subsidiary and Associate Companies: Jaguar Land Rover", "Queen's Birthday Party Speech by H.E. Add Land Rover approved accessories at any time, from premium carpet mats to personalised treadplates to create an environment of your choice. The British Army has used various armoured Land Rovers, first in Northern Ireland but also in more recent campaigns.

The design reflected the heritage of the marque, with a light metal frame with canvas seating, held together with push-studs and tough simple parts like brakes and hinges.

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